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This is the opposite of trivia. Ask each other any Beatles question.

This is not a contest or a game. This is just to share our information with each other.

Come on now, ask a Beatles question. Answer a Beatles question. Let's start!

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Do you guys think that the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was really written about LSD? Because if you listen to the lyrics, it definitely sounds like an LSD trip haha. 

The song and the lyrics do sound like an LSD trip. Ha Ha! But, John kept saying the song was inspired by Julian's painting and had nothing to do with LSD. But, the song does sound Trippy! ;-)

I know I've said this before, but I love the idea behind this thread. I'm glad that you can simply get your questions answered. However, if we don't already, we do also need a trivia game thread! :-)

Yellow Submarine - who echo's Ringo in the song ? 

Sounds like Paul, but not sure.  It's irreverent and funny, like John.  Just not sure.



It was John.  :-) Yes, it's irreverent and funny, like John!  ;-)

John decided that the third verse needed some spicing up, so he dashed into the studio and began answering each of Ringo’s sung lines in a silly voice that I further altered to make it sound like he was talking over a ship’s megaphone.”  George Harrison recalls:  “John’s doing the voice that sounds like someone talking down a tube or ship’s funnel as they do in the merchant marine.

In the remixed version of the song appearing on the Yellow Submarine Songrack, John Lennon's "echo" of Ringo's line "a life of ease" was included, whereas it did not appear in the original mix. Also, all of John's "reply" lines were panned and faded from right to left and the sound effects were more pronounced in that version.

A Lot of people were involved in making this song.

Check out the Link.  :-)


I may really start to talk advantage of this thread...a lot...soon! (Have you all seen my "Huge Research Project" thread @ BeatleLinks?

Hi Beatle pals

Beatle Question - urban legend that there's a mistake in Hey Jude. 

Any truth, and if so . . . what is it?



Hmm. I can't think of every hearing about a mistake...other than the 2nd use of "shoulder" that John demanded be kept.

SDR said:

Hi Beatle pals

Beatle Question - urban legend that there's a mistake in Hey Jude. 

Any truth, and if so . . . what is it?



Hi Beatle pals


I did more digging on this urban legend


per Oldies.com author Robert Fontenot


". . . John can clearly be heard shouting something after the last "Let her under your skin," right on the beat, and then exclaiming "f***ing hell!" at 2:58. (It has been suggested that he says "Got the wrong chord!" after flubbing a guitar move.)"


Clearly?  I don't hear it "clearly" or actually at all.  But maybe that's just me?




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