Hi everyone!


For this holiday season, we will be giving each other Beatley gifts. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hannakah, Ramadan, or Winter solstice, this fun Beatle gift exchange will bring a smile to your face and a joy in your heart.


Since most of us have never met in real life, how about we give each other a present even though we live hundreds of miles away?


This is how it goes.


It's like Secret Santa :)


If the steps below look like a hassle, I will make a simple diagram of how to do it soon!



Step One: [PM Me your Wishlist and Mailing Address]

Send Me A Private Message of your Beatle gift wishlist.

(Go to my profile and click on "Send a Message")

List up to 4 gifts or more that can be: generic; cheap; affordable; or priceless.

Send me links, pictures, or ideas you have.

With your wishlist, send me your name & shipping address. This will only be known to me and the person who will be sending your gift to you.


Note that you won't get each one of them, but it gives you a chance for someone to give it to you. Plus, you won't know what you'll get, so it'll be a surprise!


Some ideas are: Beatles necklace, a poem, a handmade Beatle-inspired paper crane, a used Beatles monopoly game, a piggy bank to save for a trip to England, a Beatles record, Beatles socks, Beatles underwear, a lock of a Beatles hair, a guitar pick, etc.


Step Two: [Pick a gift you want to give from the Wishlist]

Do you believe that it's better to give than to get? Well then, this is your chance. Not only will you get something, you will also give something! I will post a combined WISHLIST that lists what everyone sent to me. Pick up to 4 items that you are positive you can give. You don't have to pick all four, but I will make a match, and once I have decided, I will give you the address of the person to give it to. 


Note that it's okay if you don't have anything to spend, but if you do have a Beatle item that you'd like to send to somebody, let me know and I will choose the person who didn't get anything.


Step Three: [Ship the gifts to each other before December]

By November 24th, you should be able to ship your package carefully and safely. Secure the item in the box or envelope, write the names and addresses down clearly and correctly. Please also include a tracking number along with it, and send it to me, so I can send it to the person receiving the present. They will be able to track it online or on the telephone in their own convenience.


Step Four: [Thank Each Other!]

When you get your present, you can open it anytime you want. It can be on Christmas Day, or any day of Hannakah, or whenever you just feel like it. Surprise! Thank the person who sent this gift to you and take a picture of it if you'd like and show it to us.


That's all there is to it!

If any questions, go ahead and ask! Happy Holidays!!!

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Yay! BeatleGirl gave me her mailing address before and I had a remastered Beatles CD and pack of playing cards all wrapped up and ready to send to her but I lost the paper. LOL. If you private message me your address again Ann I'll send you the Beatle gifts ^_^

I'm gonna play Shit! with those playing cards. That's what I think the boys were playing on the train in AHDN.


No, I'm not joking. Who else wants to play Shit!?


LOL. I wish I could play Beatles video game, Beatles monopoly, trivia pursuit, playing cards, and book trivia with you in real life, Beatle Girl!

Yay! There needs to be a virtual Beatles game so we can play online. I tried making the virtual community, Strawberry Fields, but you ended up working as a hooker on Lime Street getting paid $400 a week in Beatle Money. LOL!


Or was that Dirty Maggie Mae? xD

Did anyone here ever participate in the virtual Beatles game called "Help Game?" It was so awesome...your character could walk around a bar, watch The Beatles perform live, chat with other fans there, and participate in the game where you have to battle through blue meanies and such to rescue their instruments. Those were the days, my friend...



Was that during early 2000s? Cuz if it was, I wasn't around online back then!


I looked it up and here's a screenshot of it:



Sounds fun, and I wish I can find a version of it online!

YEAH! That's it! It was definitely some years ago...I really miss it! You could physically walk around and chat with fans through your little character, I guess kind of like The Sims. It was so fun! :[

This was it once you logged in...




I love The Sims, that game looks like it was so cool! Me and Beatle Girl used to play in virtual Beatle communities with JP Walrus on "Kaneva"" and it was so much fun.


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