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John *throws ball*

George: "Here Comes The Sun!"
Paul: Omg. It's going to fall on George's head.

Ringo: *thinks* silly fools



Yellow balls make Beatles excited.

The first time the Lads took The Dreaded Lysergic.

LOL @ Sadie's & Beatle Bob's comments. Hahaha... Lysergic!
LOL LOL :-)) Well, they Certainly look Extremely Entertained by that Balloon! ;-)

Paul: Look! He's going to hit George with that!

George: I'm gonna catch it! I GOT IT!

John: I'll just toss this thing and see where it goes!

Ringo: Oh, you guys are so silly...glad I'm sitting way over here out of the way!

LOL LOL That was Cute BN9!! :-D

George: Thats why you should believe in Hinduism.

Rest of Beatles:  Why?

George: You make things float with your mind!


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