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Camera man a.k.a. Norm: Okay lads, try to look handsome here! I'm taking this photo for the front cover of a newspaper coming out this week.

Paul: Okay, Norm.

John: aye, aye!

Ringo: Yeh, ok

George: *nod*

[camera shutters]

Beatles make funny faces!

Norm: AGHHH! Why did you boys do that for?! You're supposed to look your best! That was my last roll of film, too! [-facepalm-]


LMAO!!! That was GREAT!! :-))

Paul: So this is what it's like to be unattractive...I never would have known that feeling!

John: I'm just going to impersonate "Twitchy." [Bobby Dykins, of course]

Ringo: I'm a hamster!

George: This is my evil grin...muahahaha.

LOL LOL Great BN9!! :-))
"Paul has always been the cute Beatle"

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