This is a list of Beatles Tribute and Cover bands!


Talk about the bands you've seen, and let me know which ones are in your area.


Touring Bands:


New York Area:


Chicago, Illinois Area:


Kansas City/Missouri Area:


Omaha, Nebraska Area:


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LoL I don't really care much for fake Beatles shows anymore after I've already seen the real Paul live. I've seen various ones, both "tribute" bands that try to look and act like them and "cover" bands who just play the music. I've seen Liverpool (Kansas City/Missouri area), Yesterday and Today (Omaha area), British Export, Rain, and 1964 the Tribute. But nothing comes close to what I could imagine a real Beatles concert is like.

I love The Fab Four's two Christmas albums. I think those albums are genius, both the concept and how well they did with it!


I love tribute bands, as long as they're not embarrassingly bad...especially since I'd love to be IN a tribute band. It's fun to try and pretend...and it's cheaper than seeing the real lads and can be done more often. You've got a great point, though. After you've seen a real Beatle, it can feel a bit silly :-\

I saw the Fab Four in December 2011...? Unreal! <3

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