I just found out that there is a Harrison, New York.

Also, there's a place called Liverpool, New York.

What are some Beatley-named placed that you know of?

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I went into a gas station and there was a pizza place in there called... SGT Pepperoni's haha. I took a pic of it. I need to find and post it on here.

That's Cool!! :-D

The northwestern area of Kensington Liverpool, England, features a series of streets named in honor of the Beatles, which opened during the early 1980s, these include: John Lennon Drive, Paul McCartney Way, George Harrison Close, Ringo Starr Drive, Epstein Court, Apple Court and Cavern Court.  ;-)

20359 Hamburg

Type of location: Place named after The Beatles

Connection to The Beatles:
A plaza named after the Beatles, close to the Star Club and Indra Club.

Awesome, Beatle Bob. I didn't know about those. It's like we have our own secret location Pepperland already. I declare myself mayor of the next planet that is fab 4 lightyears away, and everything will be 60s / Retro / or Beatles themed! Our religion is love and our belief is peace!

Lol - I love that name, Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza. Definitely going on my menu!

JP found a strip mall with Beatley named stores. One was Strawberry Fields videos and the other was Penny Lane gift store or something. He should post the pictures here!

Thanks!! I didn't know about these either! Since there isn't any Beatley named places or streets by me I found these on the internet.

Yes, it IS like we have our own secret location Pepperland already! :-) Yes Mayor! Wouldn't this next planet be so FABulous!!! :-D

LOL! I like that name Sgt. Pepperoni's Pizza Too!! :-)

That's So Cool that JP found that strip mall with Beatley named stores!! He should post pictures here!!

In Brooklyn, New York, there's a place called Norwegian Wood flooring. They install floors with hardwood finishes!

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