Hi All,

I've finally completed my new site, Beyond The Beatles - The Solo years.

It now contains videos in every category. Stop by when you get a chance.




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Hey Anthony! WOW! Your new website is amazing! It looks so professional! I like how it is focused on the solo Beatles era and goes in great detail into different categories about concerts, documentaries, interviews, and television performances. There really is so much more good stuff to check out "Beyond The Beatles". In fact, I like some of their solo stuff as much as Beatles music. Great job! Thanks for sharing it with us! 

Thanks Sadie, I really appreciate the positive response. I enjoy building Beatles sites as a hobby. Thanks again,

Anthony! I agree with everything Sadie said! I could spend many Hours there! I was just watching parts of the concerts, documentaries, interviews, and television performances too. Loved Them!! You did a Fantastic job making your "Beyond The Beatles - The Solo Years" site!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!! :-) GREAT!!!

Thanks Bob, I’m glad you enjoyed it! I love The Beatles, and I love making websites as a hobby. I fix computers part time and my basement computer shop is wall to Wall Beatles posters and pictures. Thanks for the good review!

You're Welcome Anthony! I Really Enjoyed it, and I plan to spend more time there. You really added a lot of content to Enjoy. And the site is very easy to navigate. Great Job you did!! I know you Love The Beatles, so do I. Yes, I know you fix computers part time and I know you love making websites as a hobby. That's Great! I remember seeing pictures you posted of wall to wall Beatles posters and pictures in your basement computer shop!! Beatles Everywhere!! Awesome!! :-) You're Welcome for the good review. Thanks again for sharing your Great Website with us!! Have a Happy Easter! :-)

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