Did anyone hear about the Brian Epstein movie that's being made? Not to get confused,this isn't another Beatles movie. It's just about Brian. I think it's going to be awesome! Because given the way Brian grow up, his sexuality, the times he was in, he must have had a hard life. I feel terrible for him. A man like him, with such a good eye for the good, should have had a good life as well. It only makes sense. 

But not to linger on the sad, Brian in this movie is supposed to be played by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch!! I am so excited! Sherlock and The Beatles lol (I had too I'm sorry). 

Who else is excited for this?   :D


Benedict Cumberbatch plays Brian Epstein

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WOW!! This is GREAT News! I look forward to seeing it!! Thanks for letting us know! :-D

I don't know who Benedict Cumberbatch is, but a biopic movie on Brian Epstein's life sounds interesting! Thanks for this news, Lennon Lover! And welcome back to the site, haven't heard from you in a long while! We missed you! :)

Why would we hate you??? It's GREAT to see you Back again!! :-D

RIGHT!! :-D  
We all think silly things sometimes.
Have a FAB Day!

I'm so very excited! I adore Brian and his one-of-a-kind story...hope the movie is half as amazing as Brian was.

I agree BeatleNut9!! I Sure Hope So Too!!
Have a FAB Day!  :-D

Yes, Brian is! Wonder why some people out there don't like him??  :-((

One of the next books I plan to read is "The Man Who Made The Beatles." I'd highly recommend this one that I've already read:

There's a movie apparently in the works now called "A Life In The Day," but the only Brian movie I recall ever seeing before is "The Hours And Times."

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