For this topic, discuss what each Beatle's personality trait come off to you as.


  • Was/Is Paul a perfectionist? Do rumors hold true of him having a big ego?
  • Was Lennon just rebellious or just honest? Was he truly a genius?
  • Was George way too into his religion and spiritual journey?
  • Was Ringo too passive and is he really lovable?


This is by no means a place to attack a Beatle. Each one of them were unique beings. We're just here to speculate on their personalities and whatnot. Enjoy the topic!

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I remember George [the "quiet" Beatle] saying one time that he's NOT quiet. He just doesn't say anything unless he feels the need to. If he's got nothing to say, he "shuts up." That's just like me, except I will admit that I'm usually very quiet. I'm more of a listener...but it's just because I don't say anything unless I have to! AWW, I love you, George! I feel so connected, teehee :]
Well, I think John was both rebellious and honest. In a post WWII era of conformity, I think it was (and in many respects, still is) and act of rebellion to be honest. I personally don't think that his natural born personality would have allowed him to be anything but what he was. I used to speculate with another Beatle-loving friend of mine years ago about what would have happened to John had he not made it as a famous musician. I believe that he would have unquestionably continued to love his music, but think that he would have faced work and social repercussions. John was no wallflower, and he openly shared his thoughts and feelings. For this reason, I think he was all of the above, including a true genius.

On George being quiet, I am exactly like that! I've always been told all of my life, "why are you so quiet?" Why should I say anything if I have nothing to say? I WILL say something if I do have something to say!

I find myself to be adamant when sharing my opinions or thoughts to others. I have to have a strong-willed opinion to share what I would like to say. George was definitely an introvert. I bet he talked LOTS when he was around people he was comfortable with. I watched an interview of someone saying that he really wasn't quiet... he would talk non-stop and have jokes on-the-go all the time! So, the "quiet" Beatle wasn't quiet; he was quite the talker around close friends.


About John. That's what I love about John. For me, being someone who keeps to herself, I find that rebellious and honest attitude quite attractive! John would speak his mind & speak his heart out, which would put him on the spot to be crucified because of his political opinions. But really, he was only saying what he felt was the truth and how he would see the world in his eyes. Imagine? His most well-known song. People say it's about peace. It's also a very political and anti-religious statement. (Though there may be other interpretations.) I believe that John was an idealist. He believed in a world that could be way better than this. I think it all comes down to just gimme truth. All I want is the truth!

I figured you'd like that statement about George, Ann. I know you're like that and so am I...and that indeed is precisely why we are so attracted to loud rebels! LOLOL ;-)
Um, yeah. Me too.

Was/Is Paul a perfectionist? Do rumors hold true of him having a big ego?

Paul is a musical perfectionist and genius. But I sadly think it's true he has a big ego. But who can blame him, he's the most successful songwriter ever. LOL.

John was serious, Paul was cute, Ringo was dorky, George was quiet...NUFF SAID


Paul is definitely a perfectionist, which is why he's such a musical phenomenon, but he's also a functioning perfectionist. He's not so neurotic that he's afraid to release crazy or experimental things. He's just having a good time!

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