Okay, this may sound a bit odd...


But even if you don't fully believe or maybe you do believe in ghosts or spirits, etc.

Have you ever seen or felt John's presence anywhere?


I fall into the "I don't believe" category, but it is hard NOT to believe when you actually do feel or see something that you think or some how know, intuitively that John is there.


Lately, I've seen Paul at Yankee Stadium. This wasn't my first time having that strange feeling... but it just came out of nowhere. As Paul was playing "Eleanor Rigby" after also playing "Here Today" a white mist or feather or fluff was floating across the sky... It was just floating -- I couldn't tell what it was! I felt like it was John's spirit... It was just so weird.

This reminded me of that interview that Julian had on a talk show and there was some type of dust-bunny, feather-thing-like floating across the stage... He said something like John said he would come in that form after he's passed away (or something like that!)


Another thing, that white peacock that decided to show up during photo shoots for the Beatles Anthology back in 1995... even the 3 other Beatles said it could have been John!


Also when I was in Central Park trying to figure my way to go to Strawberry Fields, I was so lost trying to find my way to go there. I kept going in different directions. I tried to follow my instinct, but then a STRANGE feeling came upon me. I felt goosebumps on my arms and my face... and then all of a sudden I heard a group of people singing Beatles songs and as I walked towards that direction, I knew it was John trying to guide me there!


So what are your encounters and what do you think about all this?

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I've definitely felt him before, whether it's just a feeling that rushes over me or if something triggers it. It's very beautiful, overwhelming, and bizarre. It's like there's an electric rush that shoots up your spine and through your heart...hard to describe, but I know exactly what you're talking about and it's wonderful! I've had the same with George a few times as well!
PS: Regarding the white peacock and the Julian thing, John said that he would come back as a white feather, which explains the white feather Julian saw and the white peacock [white feathers] that joined the photo shoot! It absolutely was John, I am sure of it! That's too much coincidence not to believe...

I know what you mean about the strange dreamy feeling you get when you're at a Paul concert. And when he does song tributes to John & George, it feels like their spirit is there, and it's so peaceful and lovely. :]

I always cry at Beatles tribute/cover band shows. I don't know why, but I just get emotional hearing Beatles music performed live, especially on John & George songs.


I don't understand why I cried the whole time at the Paul concert when it was the happiest time of my life. Strange. But girls in the audience at Beatles concerts back in the 60s would weep too. So I guess it's called tears of joy? lol!

I also cry when the tribute band is bad, but due to the pain of it all! J/K
LOL! I don't like tribute/cover bands anymore now that I've seen the real Paul!
That is true, but tribute/cover bands are cheaper and easier to see! teehee

Seeing the real Paul costs a fortune, but it's worth it. He is priceless. :)


I wanted to see "RAIN" but I thought the ticket price was too high. I also wanted to see "LOVE" but it was even more pricey. I went to a Beatles tribute show the other night only because it was free. But I'm not really too interested in that, I just don't see what's the point. lol. 

Surprised to say it, but I had a real encounter with "John" Lennon today on his birthday! Check out the post I made about my John Lennon birthday celebration!!!



Seems Like John Lennon's Spirit Still Lives Amongst Us...


These articles show that John's spirit may still be writing songs with Paul and brings messages to former lover May Pang.


John Lennon helped Paul McCartney with songs from the afterlife



John Lennon’s spirit sends profound message to former lover May Pang



Incredible, isn't it?!

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