"Mick Jagger is my favorite Beatle"

"I like that song "My Love" by Billy Joel"

"Omghs, John MacCarthy is so cute"

"I like the part where it goes Koo koo ca-choo Mrs. Robinson"

"Yoko broke up The Beatles. ugh, I hate her!"

"I think Ringo Starr is the most talented Beatle"

"What is your favorite Beatles song?"

"I like teh beetles too lolz."

"The Betales suck"

"Aren't they all dead?"

"Are you talking about ladybugs?"

"My favorite Beatles song is Imagine"

This cracked me up. Listen to an audio version here.

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Monkies are better than da beetles.

I've never heard that one before o.o

Hmm I don't like when people start singing "All you need is luvs."

Let it be is such a great John Lennon song

Here's the top one:

  • You know that Paul has been dead since 1969, right? There's clues pointing to it.


And here are some recently:

  • I told somebody that I was going to visit Strawberry Fields in Central Park, and the person said, I doubt they are growing strawberries there at this time. (LOLxD)
  • On my video on YouTube for the Paul McCartney celebration at Strawberry Fields, someone commented, "what i dont understand is this is a memorial for john why do people come for the other beatles birthdays?" I replied with, "Because John's spirit says it's okay to." :D


Sometime ago someone said to me,

  • You only like him because he looks like a Beatle. (LOLL!)


At High School,

  • Attendance room teacher talking to another saying there was this girl who had Beatle buttons all over her clothes. -Butts in- I'm a Beatles fan, too! He says, "oh yeah, so am I... Too bad though that the two best Beatles are now gone." Doh!


interesting fact about harry potter and the beatles.  there was an article that talked about the beatles wanting to do a "lord of the rings movie" john was a big fan of the book.  but the author didnt think the beatles would play the part well, so they didnt make it.  

I think one of the most common comments i see is "Last Train to Clarksville" is such a great Beatles song.  That disrespects both the beatles and monkees alike (RIP Davy)

Cool fact, JP Walrus! ;) I haven't heard that trivia fact in a long time. 

This is what it said on IMDB: During the 1960s he had attempted to instigate a live action adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord Of The Rings" books (of which he was a fan), starring himself and his Beatle bandmates. Lennon had expressed interest in the role of Gollum, with Paul McCartney playing Frodo, Ringo Starr playing Sam and George Harrison playing Gandalf.



A stupid person on twitter said: Davy's gone now. Who's left? Paul and Ringo.



Btw, I find more images that compare Sean Lennon to Harry Potter:

I got another one!


I was looking at craigslist for Beatles stuff, and in the personals area, some guy posted this...




I emailed him.


I know you said pic 4 pic, but I just want to be convinced if you're a lookalike of either one. haha

So show me? Thanks!"


His response?


"either one as in there's only two beatles you'd make out with."

Explanation: First off, Davy is *NOT* in that picture, and Davy was not a Beatle! LMAO!!!

Then he emailed me his pic, and I told him,

"Is that really a pic of you?? you look more like the guy from myspace! tom haha"

Haha. My friend says that anyone you meet in real life is just a stranger as they are online [well, except the location is different and people can lie easier online].


Here's one that just appalls me. (idk if that's how you spell it)


The other day I saw a girl wearing a Beatles T-shirt in a store and then her cell phone rang and it was a horrible modern rock song. lol. *cough* POSER *cough* haha.

It shocks me how some people can like GOOD MUSIC as opposed to BAD MUSIC, both at the same time! But to each their own! People have different tastes in music, just like how they have in food, so we gotta accept that fact.

One day, someone told me that he was a first-generation Beatles fan, while I'm a 5th generation Beatles fan! LOL!!! That got me so pissed... ahahah

Oh yeah, and JP once told me that I only liked George's music cuz he's dead X-( and that dead people can't make any more bad music o.o but then later on he said he's starting to like George's music, and might even like him more than Paul!!! LOL Paul is his fave Beatle & solo Beatle.

Calling the Beatles song "She's A Woman" "My Love", getting me confused with the Paul McCartney solo song.


Thinking the lyrics of I Am The Walrus are Coo Coo Ka Choo instead of Goo Goo G'Joob.


Saying you are a Beatles 'fan' just because you know and dig some of their music. "Fan" is short for "fanatic". Sorry but I don't consider someone like that a fanatic, more like just a casual listener.

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