"Mick Jagger is my favorite Beatle"

"I like that song "My Love" by Billy Joel"

"Omghs, John MacCarthy is so cute"

"I like the part where it goes Koo koo ca-choo Mrs. Robinson"

"Yoko broke up The Beatles. ugh, I hate her!"

"I think Ringo Starr is the most talented Beatle"

"What is your favorite Beatles song?"

"I like teh beetles too lolz."

"The Betales suck"

"Aren't they all dead?"

"Are you talking about ladybugs?"

"My favorite Beatles song is Imagine"

This cracked me up. Listen to an audio version here.

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I said I hated Jesse McCartney at school.

Girl: But isn't that Paul McCartneys son?


Girl:Yeah he is!

this when on for minutes! Frikin idiots at school! 

Someone asked who the 'mystery drummer' is, and a reply said Looks like Keith Moon! LOL!!!!

I don't like the Beatles because all of their songs are about drugs!

Why do you like The Beatles?

Young people have always asked me stupid questions like "Umm, aren't they all dead?" or "Uhh, aren't they like from the really really old days?" Old people at Beatley events have always stared at me strange and were surprised I knew all the words to sing along. Even Paul himself said it was amazing to see so many young kids in the audience while pointing in my direction. I'm pretty sure he was talking about me. LOL!

Like John says in Watching The Wheels, "People think I'm crazy", and actually I am. :D


P.S. Eww, Jimmy Nickle or whatever his name is looks nothing like Moonie! LMAO!

Other questions I always hated being asked is "Who's your favorite Beatle?" and "What's your favorite Beatles song?" because to me, that's pretty much impossible to answer.

And "Why do you like The Beatles?" is even worse. Don't they know what music is?! DUHHH.

Live and Let Die was written for shrek!

I hate "Why do you like The Beatles?" the most because this is a follow up question AFTER I ALREADY SAID, "I LOVE THE BEATLES!" Plus, in this instance, I'm wearing a Beatles shirt and a big grin, and umm is there a reason not to?

They're the most successful band in terms of music, image, sales, and they did that over 40 years ago!!!!!! That is FOUR ENTIRE DECADES, ALMOST HALF A LIFETIME AGO & They still hold that title! Even other bands look up to them. Every frikin' band gets CONSTANTLY compared to The Beatles because of how successful they were and they're absolutely amazing!

Why do I like The Beatles? Why are you wasting my time on such a question? People think I look young and I don't look the part of a typical Beatles fan... whatever, f them!

Paul McCartney, Rango Starr, George Harrison, and whos that other one? Oh yeah John Lemon!

So I was searching the meaning behind "Monkberry Moon Delight". I found this link which shows someone also asking the same question.

Paultx: Can anyone give me a clue on what Macca means with all that? :-S

Anonymous:What is Macca? Its not in the song. What exactly is your question?

Beatles fan


"What are the full lyrics to ruby tuesday by the beatles?"


REALLY!!!! :-(

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