Talk about vegetarianism here! Also if you follow Meat Free Monday, tell us all about it!

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“We had all the trimmings but we needed something to simulate the turkey. So Linda made macaroni cheese. It was good, then she let it stand so it went solid and I was able to slice it. It kind of worked so we called it the macaroni turkey.”
-Paul McCartney (Happy Thanksgiving!)

I wish Paul could come over to cook meals for me! LOL I want some of his MACCA roni salad! I found this photo of one with cherry tomatoes... I've only recently realized that I LOVE cherry tomatoes! So does my turtle :)

Wow! That's a pretty platter. The corner edges look like Strawberry Fields!

Who wouldn't want Paul to come over and be chef every Monday? ;-)

That's a nice picture of him. He's such a good looking older genlemen.

I like his T-shirt and the way he's posing for that photograph. Go Macca!!

BeatleGir! I'm sure you wish Paul could come over and cook meals for you!!! LOL!! ;-) Thanks for the Link! And the photo, looks Yummy!! I always loved Cherry Tomatoes!! Used to grow them when we lived on Long Island. My Father had a green thumb!  :-) Aren't they Great! Love them!! Glad your Turtle does too!!! ;-)

Sadie! I agree with about the platter!! :-) And certainly agree about that Picture of Paul!! :-)

One of the best meals I've ever had in my life was a vegan version of baked ziti that a friend of mine made in my kitchen! I think the cheese was some kind of melted tofu…unreal! MMM!

Really?? I thought vegetarian dishes didn't taste too good! 

Well, from what BeatleNut9 said I guess some vegetarian meals Do taste Good!! ;-)

Yes! I want Paul to be my own personal chef! :D You're all invited too when that happens!!

That's cool BeatleBob :)

Sounds like good memories living in Long Island, and that's cool knowing your Father had a green thumb! I'll start growing my own vegetable garden and develop a green thumb as well.

I looove cherry tomatoes too I'll grow them myself someday when I have the space!

I wish I had friends who did vegetarian cooking. I have to make my own experiments since my mom mainly cooks with meat and fish. My dishes come out okay :) but I need finesse in the kitchen!

I guess with a little more practice and attention to detail, I'll be able to share my cooking with others.

With so many alternative options for meat and dairy, it's actually easier to become vegetarian than I had originally I thought.

I'm so addicted to the Gardein Crispy Tenders (aka "Chicken fingers")

I AM UTTERLY ADDICTED TO THE breading and flavor of 7 grain! It makes my heart sing! LOL!

The only thing I notice is the texture with faux meat. I'm not too crazy about the texture of the soy meat. It certainly is not the texture of chicken. Wish it was more like in between.

Other similar brands are Lightlife, Morning Star Farms, Boca, etc.

I also drink almond/soy/cashew milk since I don't drink cow's milk anymore :)

I'm still searching for more alternatives, even though that's not very important, but I like to know what options I have.

I drink almond milk now too. Those fake chicken tenders look delicious! Thanks for reminding me tomorrow is yet another "Meat Free Monday". :-)

Wouldn't it be So Cool if Paul could Actually come over and be your own personal chef!!! :-D YES, Please invite all of us when that happens!! :-)

Thanks BeatleGirl!! :-) Very Good memories of my Father having a green thumb with the vegetable garden we used to have!! It was GREAT!! :-) It Would be Wonderful when you have the space someday to start growing your own vegetable garden and develop a green thumb as well!!  I'm Sure You Will!! I Looove Cherry Tomatoes too!! :-) Lovely Picture!! Brings back memories!! :-)

Sorry you don't have friends who do vegetarian cooking!! But, by the looks of things here Like your Gardein Crispy Tenders (YUMMY) you're learning by others on the internet! And with a little more practice and attention to detail with your own experiments you make, I'm Sure they will be Superb!!  :-)

And I see you're Utterly Addicted to the Breading and flavor of 7 grain of your Gardein Crispy Tenders!!!  Sounds Yummy!! That's GREAT!!  :-)

Thanks for the tips of the other similar brands!! Good hunting for more alternatives to see what other options are out there! :-)  Thanks for posting this, BeatleGirl!!  :-)

Sadie, Yes, those Gardein Crispy Tenders (aka "Chicken fingers") Do look Delicious!!! :-)

Every year I look at this...& every year, I disregard it completely. I'm so sorry, Paul! (He doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so maybe he won't notice...or does Nancy make him celebrate it? Uh-oh!)

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