They say it's George's Birthday! So happy birthday to George!


Dedicate any Georgey celebration photo, poem, video, or greetings here! :)

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Happy Birthday George!

George was Fantastic on Guitar. From the unique sound of his Rickenbacker 12 string to being one of the best Slide Guitarists around! He had the most unique slide sounds! Such as in My Sweet Lord, Marwa Blues, Free As A Bird, Cloud 9, and more! His slide info: strat, glass slide on pinkie, fender champ, he used high action and heavy strings as suggested by ry cooder. He influenced so many other musicians like the Byrds and many more with his guitar playing styles. During The Beatles he didn't have too many songs. But, the songs he did use were Great!! He had so many Great songs in his Solo career! He had a Great sense of Humor, was a Very Caring and Generous person! Was always looking to span his horizons. During The Beatles he was So Fashionable. He looked Great! He Certainly could have been a Model if he wanted to! He contributed so much to The Beatles music! So much more to say! George was So Cool! I Love Him! And Loved his Music and Always will! Happy Birthday George!

I agree with everything you say Beatlebob! :-)

Happy Birthday George!!!!!!!!!!

I hope BeatleGirl dosen't change this layout soon! I LOVE it! It's so lovely and appropriate for the celebration!

I hope he's having a good day up there... :]

Thanks Sadie!!! :-)  

I Agree, I Love this Layout Too!!! It's GREAT!!!! And I Love the Colors!! :-)

Hi BeatleNut9!! I Hope so too!!! :-)

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