On June 18th, 2011 Paul will turn 69.


What will you do to celebrate?

Post your birthday wishes to him here.

We hope you have a GREAT DAY, Paul! We love you!

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I would just like to say that I hope Paul had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love.

Ditto! I celebrated Paul McCartney's birthday yesterday by attending the Beatles NYC meet-up at Strawberry Fields Central Park. I wanted to do more, but I can only fit so much time in one day!


Here is video footage I took... Happy Birthday, Paul!!! Hope you had a good one! :D


i bought a beatle mug to celebrate his bday!

Yay! I wanted to make a cupcake... but well, you know how that goes. It would only end in disaster, lol


If all things fails, Entenmann's prevails!


My pretend cupcakes would look like this:


ANN! I finally just now saw your video! It was similar to the other videos you shared, so I guess you were there at the same time as the others! I recognized some of the people ♥


You video was the best, of course...


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