Mr. Richard Starkey was born on the 7th of July.





"Currently in the midst of a world tour with his All-Starr Band, Starr will celebrate his birthday at Hamburg's Hard Rock Cafe and hopes that at noon people across the globe will recognise his birthday by asking for "peace and love.""


Read: Ringo Starr Celebrates Birthday With 'Peace and Love'

Watch: Ringo Starr’s 71st Birthday: A Life In Videos


Paul and his band greets Ringo Happy Birthday!!!


Let's have a countdown til his 71st birthday!


Wee... 5 more days! :)

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2... More Days! 

2......More Days! He Certainly looks Great for his age!

Happy Birthday Ringo!! Many Many More to come!! :-))

HURRAY! Happy Birthday Mr. Ringo Starr! :D

I Loved that Video!   71 and he looks Great and Still Rockin! :-))

"I've got a feeling" it was a good birthday! He was in Hamburg.
I LOVE how in the video, instead of counting down "three two one" he counted "one two ten!"

Hahaha! I didn't catch that! He was counting in German!? 


I want one of those wristbands! :-) I love that Ringo celebrates his birthday with his fans, whilst promoting peace n love to everybody! Even Barbara's into it! She looks great!

Guys!!! Paul performed "Birthday" for Ringo! View the video in the first post....Ahhh!!! That's just so nice of Paul to do that! Love how he addresses Ringo as "Richard" :-) Brings a tear to my eye... :')
Yeah, he was counting in German, but he got it pretty wrong...heehee! I agree. All he asks for his birthday is for others to promote peace and love. I think that's so awesome! I also LOVE that Paul sang to him and called him Richard ♥

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