Beatles On Film

I've been working on it for a long time.  If the video gets choppy, just pause it, and let it a buffer a bit.

Hope you like it!


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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for posting this!
WOW!!! What a GREAT New Site!! I Like the Graphics, Special Effects, and the layout of the Whole Site is Great! A lot of information provided in each category. I Enjoyed the Original Trailers for each movie! And the Movie Clips with the songs were Great too! The Original Movies, Promotional Clips, Cartoons, Concerts, Documentaries, Television Shows, and the Interviews where ALL Great!!! A Lot Of Clips in each category along with interesting Information included throughout! Easy Navigation! Loved It!! I just skipped around each category, didn't have enough time to Enjoy everything you have there!! Such as "The Compleat Beatles" and many more! I Will Certainly come back to your site and watch more each time!!

Love It!! It's no wonder you've been working on it for a long time. A Lot of Categories on your "Beatles On Film" site with many many Clips!

I'm Sure the other Members Here will Enjoy it too!!

Have a Great Weekend,

Hi Bob,

I'm still working on the site, trying to improve the video streaming.  It's a nice hobby.  I also repair computer as a business. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Take Care,


Hi Anthony,

You did a Very Nice job creating your New site! I remember your old site and I liked it. But, your New site came out Fantastic! I'm Glad you're trying to improve the video streaming. I did what you said Above when the videos got choppy, I paused them and let it buffer. Will be Great when the video streaming improves! :-) I'm Glad it's a nice hobby for you. Yes, I know you also repair computers as a business. I think that's Great! I remember when you posted some pictures here "My Computer Shop / Beatles Shrine". Some Nice pictures that I just looked at again.  :-) Thanks! I Really Enjoyed Your New Site!

Take Care,


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