Okay, so I don't look anything like Jane, but are hair is kinda similar now!

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I meant to say *our* instead of are up there hahaha!

Wow your hair looks awesome and very Sixties style!!!!! Now you look like Jane Asher!!!!!

Thanks!!! :) Glad you like it! Yeah I love it too!!! My favorite part is the bangs!!! I can think of sooooo many sixties things to do with it now!!! Ad te colour is just beautiful!!! People actually complimented me on the street!! :D here is another one!

Wow, Cool! It's like you used a virtual make over, but it's for real now! :o

Your sister did an awesome job! :-)

Thank you!!! :) Yeah she's been a hair stylist for 11 years and she went o this school and she basicall is a master stylist now from that school!!! This is the firt time she did my hair ad I actually really liked it though!!! Hahaha!!

Your Sister did a Great Job on your hair!! Fantastic!! Your hair IS 60's style now! Yeah, you do look like Jane Asher now!! ;-)

My Mother was a hair stylist and then tought it in school for many years. :-) It's Cool that your Sister is a Master Stylist Now!! :-)


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