Hey, Beatle people!  

Here is where we can discuss how we can all be in the chatroom together!

Beatley Games We Can Play:

  • Beatles Picture Game
  • Beatles Trivia Game
  • Beatles Quote Game
  • Beatles Lyric Game
  • Beatles Roleplaying
  • Beatles Drawing Game
  • Beatles Charades Game

Beatles Activities We Can Do:

  • Talk about Latest Events
  • Talk about Fab Four Days
  • Talk about Beatles Solo Works
  • Watch a Beatley movie together
  • Pretend it's the sixties, and we're going to see The Beatles (then watch Live concerts on YouTube)
  • Use video chat and do mini tribute concerts by singing or playing an instrument
  • Collaborate on Beatles-inspired stories, poems, songs, or plays, etc.
  • Read a Beatles movie script or read a Beatles fan fiction to each other.

To join the chatroom, click "Join Chatroom" in the tabs above. Prime Time US time (7-9PM) is when most people are usually on. So check in to see who' s there waiting for you!

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Yay! I'll do everything I can to be there on the 8th!

Come Together For ABBEY ROAD Celebration Day

September 26, Wednesday Evening at 7:00 PM EST

Celebrating the 11th studio album release, we are going to listen to the Abbey Road album in its entirety through the Beatles Abbey Road chatroom. Be there by 7:30 PM (Eastern Standard Time), and we will spend the entire hour appreciating the last album The Beatles worked on together with producer George Martin.

We will play video clips, play a little trivia, song lyric games, and talk about, yes you know about them! The Beatles!!!

I'm writing this down in my planner NOW! I'm pretty sure I'll actually be able to make that one, thank goodness! :D


Beatle ♥ Girl Loves You! ♥♥♥ said:

I was thinking about the days we should meet. Here are Beatley codewords I made up for them:

I'll Follow / Here Comes the Sunday

Macca Monday "Paul Theme"

Chooseday ""Anything Goes"

Lennonsday "John Theme"

George-day "George Theme"

Fab Friday "The Beatles Theme"

Starr-day  "Ringo's Theme"

Aww, that's alright, 'cause you're in the chatroom pretty much on a daily basis, NowhereGirl13. :)

I'll try my best to join the Abbey Road party! BeatleNut9, that would be great if you could join too! :D

After a very successful and fun Abbey Road celebration party, we will be doing another one for John.

Since some of us have conflicting schedules, we need to find a day where we can all be available.

Let me know if any of you will be available on October the 9th, on a Tuesday -- a week from now.

Are we doing one this weekend for John as well? I don't think I could make it on Saturday, but everyone else should meet up! (I might be able to do Sunday...not sure.)

Yes, we need a few more meet ups before the new year! December 9? That would be a great John chatroom day! I think I can make it if my internet doesn't disconnect then. Who else?

Fab! I hope to be able to make it...

Football season is over so no band! I'll probably be able to make it! :D

Sadly I won't be able to make it! I Want to!! But, I Can't!! I'll be there in Spirit though!! I Hope you all have a FAB time! :-D

As I told some of you in the past, a lot of ongoing family health problems prevents me from staying on or getting on the computer after 2 or 3 PM every day. The evenings and nights are the worst at home every day! I won't bore you with the crappy details. It's just the way it is! I Love ALL my Beatley Friends Here!!! I Enjoy being here So Much when I'm able, during the earlier part of the day!! I Wish things were different and I Could be on Here in the evening and at night!! But, I Can't!! :-(( Hope you all understand!!! Have a FAB Time my friends!!

LOL! ;-)
Perhaps we could try doing it earlier sometime?? Might be hard though, with the time zone differences with some of the members here. Oh well.

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Welcoming Beatlemaniacs! Join Beatles Abbey Road!


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