Hey, Beatle people!  

Here is where we can discuss how we can all be in the chatroom together!

Beatley Games We Can Play:

  • Beatles Picture Game
  • Beatles Trivia Game
  • Beatles Quote Game
  • Beatles Lyric Game
  • Beatles Roleplaying
  • Beatles Drawing Game
  • Beatles Charades Game

Beatles Activities We Can Do:

  • Talk about Latest Events
  • Talk about Fab Four Days
  • Talk about Beatles Solo Works
  • Watch a Beatley movie together
  • Pretend it's the sixties, and we're going to see The Beatles (then watch Live concerts on YouTube)
  • Use video chat and do mini tribute concerts by singing or playing an instrument
  • Collaborate on Beatles-inspired stories, poems, songs, or plays, etc.
  • Read a Beatles movie script or read a Beatles fan fiction to each other.

To join the chatroom, click "Join Chatroom" in the tabs above. Prime Time US time (7-9PM) is when most people are usually on. So check in to see who' s there waiting for you!

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I live a hectic life sometimes & I definitely don't get a chance to sit at home with my computer much (although I've been able to the past few days & probably tomorrow for a while) but I think we definitely need to start scheduling meetings again to ensure that we actually get to chat with one another! Tonight would have been a great opportunity since Paul was on Jimmy Kimmel & we could have all sort of "watched it together." Even if the chatroom meetings don't often have a big turn-out, I still think we should consistently try to schedule them so there's at least a chance to COME TOGETHER! :D

Not being able to have Beatley conversations with all of my favorite fanatics here is like going through life without oxygen. I've got to get my fixes & I miss you guys so much when I'm away! Today, I was so desperate to unleash my Beatleholicism, I pretty much accosted a co-worker & made him listen to me ramble nearly the entire workday...& when I'm not even that lucky, I talk about them out loud to myself as though I've got an audience, hahaha! I felt bad for the guy & I tried to show interest in things he was talking about...before steering the conversation back to our lads repeatedly. (If you act interested in what they want to talk about, they're more willing to listen! I just hope that's not also what he was doing with me...but I don't think so. He asked a good amount of questions! Of course, so did I...hmm...)

I just love you all! <3

PS: Whether I can make it or not, I think there should definitely be a meeting set for the 15th to discuss "NEW!"

Wasn't there a rumor started on BAR that Paul was releasing a "NEW" album!? Hahaha! Chatroom celebration for new? Okay by me! :) I hope I can make it. I know what you mean BeatleNut9.. Us Beatleholics need HELP! and our way is through talk therapy and the way to do that is to endlessly talk about the lads!


I'll try to be in the chatroom almost everyday from 7-10PM EST :)

LOL! I'm so glad the chatroom here is active again! It was a deserted ghost town for a long time! I'm having so much fun in there already! :-D

Hurray! I made a retro-themed chatroom :) http://www.retrosugarshack.tk/

LOL! It was fun in the retro chatroom going on webcam with Queenie Eye and BeatleGirl! :-)

Queenie Eye you did a funny karaoke version of "I'm Down"! LOL! I won't share screencaps of our crazy conversations though! ;-D

P.S. The Beatle chatroom here is working for me again! Yay! I was having trouble entering it and was stuck with the Retro chatroom for a while and it was frustrating me! lol!

Looks like you three had a Good Time!! :-) Thanks for posting the Pic! :-)

I might be in there tonight! It depends on how early I can get all of my work done...

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