Hey, Beatle people!  

Here is where we can discuss how we can all be in the chatroom together!

Beatley Games We Can Play:

  • Beatles Picture Game
  • Beatles Trivia Game
  • Beatles Quote Game
  • Beatles Lyric Game
  • Beatles Roleplaying
  • Beatles Drawing Game
  • Beatles Charades Game

Beatles Activities We Can Do:

  • Talk about Latest Events
  • Talk about Fab Four Days
  • Talk about Beatles Solo Works
  • Watch a Beatley movie together
  • Pretend it's the sixties, and we're going to see The Beatles (then watch Live concerts on YouTube)
  • Use video chat and do mini tribute concerts by singing or playing an instrument
  • Collaborate on Beatles-inspired stories, poems, songs, or plays, etc.
  • Read a Beatles movie script or read a Beatles fan fiction to each other.

To join the chatroom, click "Join Chatroom" in the tabs above. Prime Time US time (7-9PM) is when most people are usually on. So check in to see who' s there waiting for you!

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YAY! BeatleNut, it's too bad you didn't come to the chatroom yesterday, because we watched "How I Won The War" full movie in there together! :-)  

(Courtesy of YouTube. We didn't finish it all yet though...)

P.S. I noticed in that screencap picture, there were 6 people in the chatroom, and 3 on webcam! That rarely ever happens! LOL, our chatrooms are usually empty. But when they are active, it's so much fun! :-D

Cool that you watched "How I Won The War"!! :-)

I'm Glad when the chatroom is active you guys have so much fun!! :-)

I'm determined to make it in there so very soon!

There is the tinychat app you can download. The room name is beatlegirl. Let's all set a date to meet up. We could also use Google hangouts.

Fab! I'll download the app now! :O

Can you do the G+ hangouts in the app too? I'm absolutely terrible about getting on G+...

Anyway, I got the TinyChat app & found the room! YAY!

Hello Beatle Fans,

 Anyone know anything more about Ron Howard directing a Beatle documentary on their tour days? Check this out, if you have not already.



WOW!!! I didn't know anything about this! Thanks for letting us know and thanks for the Two Links!! :-)

Even though the documentary is scheduled for a tentative late-2015 release, I Really Look Forward to seeing it!! Sounds GREAT!! Thanks Rocky Racoon!  :-D

Check out the link below for more information:


Would you or anyone happen to have a copy of The One to One concert Lennon rehearsals? If so, how would we please handle this? Super Thanks :)

Sorry, I don't have that. I looked around on the web and found a download. But, it's a very Large download. If you want to check it out here is the link: Good Luck with getting a copy!  :-)


Have a Good Day!  :-)

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