* Lime = Light Green & Dark Green Shadows

* Sunshine = Yellow and Orange Shadows

* Magenta Fuschia = Pink and Purple Shadows

It was fun experimenting with eyeshadow!

(Those are my real eyelashes with mascara on, by the way...

I don't wear fake eyelashes because I'm afraid they will fall off! lol!)

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I LOVE!!! :D

Aww thanks! Glad you enjoyed! :)

Wow, Beautiful! I love the colours! :D

Yay! I'm glad you enjoyed my eyeshadow experiments, bestie! :)

I tried brown and blue and other colors of eyeshadow too, but those 3 came out looking the coolest!

Now I wanna try drawing groovy designs like flowers and peace signs on my cheeks like the hippies did in the '60s! :)

Nice Sadie! :-)

Thanks Beatlebob! :-)

You're Welcome Sadie! :-)

That's really great!

Thanks everyone! "Living is easy with eyes closed"! -_-

Re"Living is easy with eyes closed"! -_- "
Love That!  Yes!  :-)

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