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Let's have a post of our own Odd Beatles News here! Whether fact or fiction :)



First one, recently, July 7, 2011



Liverpool Beatles-name man on burglary charges


A man who shares his name with all four of the Beatles has been charged with six burglaries in Liverpool.

George John Paul Ringo Hughes was arrested on Monday morning on suspicion of burglary and later charged with six offences.

The 18-year-old, of no fixed abode, was due to appear at Wirral Magistrates' Court earlier.

The charges related to alleged offences carried out in the Prenton area of the city.



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That cracks me up. "George John Paul Ringo Hughes"...
LOL! It would seem like that's the kind of man I would marry, but he's quite tad a bit young..



I'd say this qualifies as "odd Beatles news"...

^ That makes even less sense than the ol' "Paul is dead" rumor! LOL.

I know! hahaha :-P

Sadie Rita said:

^ That makes even less sense than the ol' "Paul is dead" rumor! LOL.

I AGREE!!!! LOL LOL!!!! ;-)

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