Update: Sir Paul McCartney to perform at London Olympics


McCartney told Olympic organizers he is "up" for performing at the opening ceremony next July 27

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What do you guys think about this?


Paul McCartney has hinted that he and Ringo Starr may put together a new version of The Beatles for the Olympic opening ceremony...

...The newspaper even goes as far as to suggest that George Harrison and John Lennon could be represented by their kids. The source added: "The Beatles are loved all over the world so it's a no-brainer that they should be represented at the Olympics...




The plans hint about "Beatles reunion" of Paul and Ringo along with George's and John's children.


I'm giving this the benefit of the doubt, for now... maybe they will perform, but not together as "The Beatles"...


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"IF" this did happen, I think it would be Great! I'd love to see them all perform together! But then again, it would be Nothing like The Beatles were! And shouldn't be called "The Beatles"!
I totally agree with BB

I think having Paul, Ringo and the sons of both John and George would be a historical moment.  I would not mind it being "The Beatles" and having Ringo use that logo on the drum set.  It most likely will be the final and only moment we see a semi-recarnation of the greatest musical act of all time


Plus, we have to remember, this is the London Olympics Ceremony.  The Olympic Ceremonies are such a big deal, with the entire world watching.  The Beatles not only represent England, but the entire world, with their amazing influences to music.


One final note.  If Julian Lennon ( I hope its not Sean, he is awful) and Dhani Harrison do perform, not only do they look like their fathers, but sound like them as well.  Many people will be surpirsed how well they will fit with Paul and Ringo.


Can you dig it?


I can.



Ringo Starr has told Sky News he will not be reuniting with Sir Paul McCartney for the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics. [Source]




He says, "I'll be touring America so I won't be doing it."

boo ringo is a party pooper.  thats okay, there is Zak to replace him :-j
Sorry to hear that! Hope Zak will replace him! :-)
I'm happy because Ringo will be back in the states!
i want to see ringo's funny dance front row!

Check here to see Stella's [McCartney] Team GB Olympic uniforms.

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