North American Tour 2017 Dates

July 5: Miami (FL) - AmericanAirlines Arena
July 10: Tampa (FL) - Amalie Arena
July 13: Duluth (MN) - Infinite Energy Arena
July 15: Bossier City (LA) - CenturyLink Center
July 19: Wichita (KS) - INTRUST Bank Arena
July 21: Des Moines (IA) - Wells Fargo Arena
July 23: Omaha (NE) - CenturyLink Center
July 25: Tinley Park (IL) - Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre

September 11: Newark (NJ) - Prudential Center
September 15: New York (NY) - Madison Square Garden
September 19: Brooklyn (NY) - Barclays Center
September 23: Syracuse (NY) - Carrier Dome
September 26: Uniondale (NY) - Nassau Coliseum
October 1: Detroit (MI) - Little Caesars Arena

Good luck everyone! :-)

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WOW!!! Thanks for the "One On One" Tour dates, Sadie!! I Wish I could go on September 15th!! You think you might be able to see Paul on July 19th?? Would be Great!!!

Thanks for posting the Tokyo Video too!! I Enjoyed it!! :-)

Have a FAB Day!! :-)

I'm glad you enjoyed that video of Paul arriving in Tokyo, Beatlebob! It's amazing to see what a huge worldwide fanbase he has! Yes, I'm hoping to see Paul this summer but I just checked the ticket prices and they are outrageous! A front row seat is 2 thousand dollars! :-(

The best things in life are free (but not Paul concerts!) Now give me money, that's what I want! LOL!!! I wish you could see him too! Have a fab day!!! :-) 

Thanks Sadie! I did enjoy the video and it IS amazing to see what a huge worldwide fan base he has!! So Cool! I seen a commercial on TV this morning about the concerts in New York and New Jersey. Was Great seeing that!!

WOW!!! I expected that the ticket prices Would be Outrageous!! And they Sure Are!!! :-( And a front row seat is two thousand dollars!!! Yikes!! Looks like I won't be able to go.  :-(

"The best things in life are free (but not Paul concerts!) Now give me money, that's what I want!"

LOL!!!! ;-) Really though!!! I Wish we Both could see him!!! Gotta play LOTTO!!! ;-)

Thanks!! Have A Fab Day Too!!!  :-)

Isn't this sweet? I've been Facebook friends with that girl since 2010. This was her 10th time seeing Paul McCartney live. I was shocked to see her onstage with him! She's been trying to meet him for years and I can't believe it finally happened! I don't think I could've handled such an amazing moment! And her sign was so brave too! He signed her skin and she got it tattooed. "With a little luck" your dreams can come true! :-)

P.S. You can click on those pictures to enlarge. 

One of Paul's band members commented about it too...

I've seen many videos of fans going onstage with Paul on YouTube.

Such lucky people!!!

WOW, Sadie!! Thanks so much for posting this!!! It's Very Sweet!!! And you've been Facebook friends with that girl since 2010. I bet you were shocked to see her on stage with him!! Yes, her sign was so brave!! He signed her skin. And she got it tattooed ("With a little luck" your dreams can come true!) GREAT!!! :-) Loved This!! Thanks Sadie!! :-)

Hey Beatlebob. Glad you enjoyed that. If she wasn't my friend, I'd be very jealous! LOL! 

There's a contest from SiriusXM to win 2 tickets to see Paul in New York soon. Besides good seats, it also includes airfare, hotel, transportation, merchandise, and access to Paul's soundcheck! WOW!!!

Good luck everyone! :-)


Hey Sadie! Thanks! I Really Enjoyed it!! If she wasn't your friend, you'd be very jealous!! LOL!!!! ;-)

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That contest sounds GREAT!!!! Thanks for the Link Sadie!!!! :-)

Her tattoo came out nice!

Beatlebob, it's too bad you have to be a Sirius subscriber to enter that contest. You're already in New York. I didn't enter either because I'm not a subscriber anymore, but I doubt I will win anyway. Maybe in my dreams though. LOL! You're welcome for the link. :-)

Anyone else seen these magazines? I saw them at the store but they were both around $15 each so I didn't buy them yet.

I read the news today, oh boy!

Paul McCartney Finally Regains Rights To Beatles Music

That's great news! With no disrespect to Michael Jackson, I never liked the idea of him owning rights to a catalog that he didn't even write. But then again, Paul owns the rights to Buddy Holly's catalog. There are some songs that Yoko owns too. But John Lennon wanted her to own them so there's no problem. :-)


for more information. 

And guess what??? There's even more good news!!!

Beatles company wins lawsuit over Shea Stadium concert rights


to read more about it.

That means there will most likely be an official release of the Shea Stadium show(s) soon! Either a DVD and/or a CD (similar to the remastered "Live At The Hollywood Bowl" Beatles CD that recently came out) It's the 1965 Shea Stadium show, which a good portion of is already available on The Anthology series. I hope to see their 1966 Shea concert get an official release someday too. I've always wanted to see that and a remastered "Let It Be" film which is way overdue!! Hopefully the next rights they acquire will be for the Let It Be movie and/or the 1960s Saturday morning Beatles cartoon! I wish that was on DVD too! I only have a blurry bootleg copy of both. The future of Beatles merchandise looks so exciting!!!!! :-)

And if all that ain't enough, there's even MORE good news!

Paul and Ringo have a NEW song out together!!! 

Click here to hear it!

(and read more about it. Link to Rolling Stone magazine article.)

Enjoy everyone!


Sadie! Thanks for posting the Pictures of her Tattoo!!! I agree, it came out Nice!! :-)

Yes, I found that out when I clicked on the Link you provided that you have to be a Sirius subscriber to enter that contest. Oh well. I see you didn't enter either because you're not a subscriber anymore. I doubt I would win too!! :-( Yes, Maybe in our Dreams! LOL!! Thanks for the Link anyway, though! :-)

Yes, I seen those magazines when I was searching for some pictures. It's Cool that you saw them at a store. But, sorry you couldn't afford to buy them yet being they were both around $15 each. Hopefully you can get them at a later time! Thanks for posting the Pictures!!

"Paul McCartney secured the rights to his music in a private settlement was a big win for the former Beatle, who has been on this journey to secure the rights to his own music for nearly fifty years. While few details about the settlement have been disclosed, McCartney’s lawyer, Michael Jacobs, announced, that Sony and McCartney “have resolved this matter by entering into a confidential settlement agreement” at the end of last week and that McCartney’s lawsuit over the catalog had been dismissed. Congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney for this big win over the weekend!" Fantastic!!! I'm So Glad to hear this!! Thanks for the Link Sadie!! And letting us know the Great News!! :-)

Thanks for the More Great News, Sadie!!! :-)

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Apple Corps, the company founded by members of The Beatles, on Wednesday won the dismissal of a lawsuit seeking the rights to the master tapes of the band's celebrated 1965 concert at New York's Shea Stadium."  :-)

I Hope there will most likely be an official release of the Shea Stadium show(s) soon! Either a DVD and/or a CD!!! That would be Great!!! It would be so Cool to see the 1965 the Beatles Shea Stadium show in it's entirety!! And would be Great to see their 1966 Shea concert get an official release someday too!! YES!!! Hopefully the next rights they acquire will be for the Let It Be movie!!!! We Can Hope!!! With this Great news, the future of Beatles merchandise looks so exciting, I agree!!! :-)

So COOL that Paul McCartney played bass and did backing vocals on the chorus!!! I Loved listening to "We're On the Road Again"!!!! Fantastic!!! Loved the picture of Ringo with the background too!!! Sounds like a Great new LP' Give More Love'!!! Was a Great read! "And Ringo Starr announced a fall 2017 U.S. tour with his long-running All-Starr Band. The trek launches October 13th with an eight-date stint at Las Vegas' Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino and concludes November 16th in Newark, New Jersey."  Great News!! :-)

Thanks So Much for ALL the Great New NEWS, Sadie!!!! :-)

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