Paul McCartney, born June 18, 1942, will turn 70 in 7 days!!!


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Click Widget above for the countdown. :-)

Hey, guys -- I made an early birthday present for Paul! It's a special birthday greeting recording! :))


 BeatleGirl: What Happened to the recording? Do you need a special Real Player plug-in for this?  :-((

I believe you need to download the latest update of Flash Player -

OOPS I tried that earlier today. And I couldn't play Youtube Videos on Youtube! So, I UN-installed it and used my old version. Now it works Alright? I don't know what the problem is? :-(( Sorry I can't hear your recording!! :-((

:( Nevermind, it's bad anyway. If you see a blue arrow, that's the "play" button... It's okay :)

No, I don't see a Blue arrow Play button. :-(((

When I was on Youtube earlier today after I got the latest version of Flash Player, I hit the play button on some videos and they turned Red. And an error message came up. :-(( Couldn't play the videos? So, I reverted to the older version of Flash Player and they worked. Oh Well. :-((

Geez, I can't see your Paul birthday count down either! It's just a blank screen; it won't load.

Oh Man! :-(( I can see it?? LOL! Can you see the 3 Videos I just uploaded?

Well, I clicked on "Get this widget" and found it! It just won't show up here for me.

Here's the link for my recording ---> Listen ... I'm never gonna give this up!

When you clicked on the Widget it loads into a blank screen?? :-((

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