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I used to have mixed opinions on "How Do You Sleep?" due to it's (not so subtle) Paul bashing as well as John's song "God" because of the "I don't believe in Beatles" lyric in it. But just because he was was in a spiteful mood when he wrote those songs shouldn't divert our enjoyment of it. 

I always suspected 'Instant Karma' could be directed at Paul too, or perhaps Allen Klein or someone like that.

Does anyone know if that song was inspired by anyone in particular? 

Can we really say anything here even if it sounds rubbish? And maybe it is rubbish. I used to listen to How do You sleep for a time. It hurt me deeply but the song is amazing. Sometimes I would find myself singing it and then I'd stop upset with me. LOL But after I found a video of him singing it in his house in Ascot I could not listen anymore.  I have kind of "feelings", you know? Sensations. I could not go till the end watching that video. I could sense such horrible vibes. I thought it was so sad Yoko introduced it as John with his message for Paul, smiling happy the he was bashing Paul that badly that I could not stand. I could even see a kind of dark shadow around them. Creepy.  Then I learn that Alan Klein was also involved in that song,,,,and we know what he did to all of them. No. Although the song is good, I shall never listen to that again. I know he apologised later. And I forgave him. But the bad vibes remain in those notes. If nobody else feels it, I can understand. I am a very weird woman. I feel things others don't feel. And I accept maybe it is only a bad fantasy of mine.  As for God, my problem is at the end. I didn't mind he saying he didn't believe in Beatles. He also didn't believe in Bob Dylan and nobody else. He was in pain and describes his that time. He was furious with the world...the only strange part for me is that he was so furious, saying terrible things against so many good people...He trashed George Martin! At the same time asking as to imagine a world of peace. So he wanted to find that peace somehow.  I love him so much I felt like hugging him, though of course, he would say he didn't believe in me. LOL. Sometimes a bit of niilist can do good, like washing everything inside of us.
The problem is the end when he says he believed in Yoko. To be healthy, he had to stop believing in everything, including her. When we need to format our computer it is necessary to remove all files. We don't let a single one. John needed to format himself and let a file. I noticed then something was wrong.  As for Instank Karma, I have no idea if he had anybody in mind. At that time he wrote some songs to humanity in general. Power to the People, Give Peace a Chance, Imagine. Maybe Instank Karma was like that too. But I really don't know. All I know is that I do love that very much. As I said, maybe I wrote only rubbish. But that is how I feel. :)

Virginia, you are not talking rubbish. I'm weird too so I understand how you feel.

My computer went crazy recently and removed everything I've been saving for years.

That made me sad and mad but the format also made me feel brand new.

John just wanted a fresh start. I forgive him for any bashing he did against Paul, George Martin, and anyone. He was just angry at that time. I'm going to watch my "Imagine" DVD again to see that black shadow you said. Is it really there or can only you see it? Interesting.


Good! I don't know if it is on the DVD. I saw it on youtube.  We can see George there. How come he accepted to participate on that? Ringo started and then said, no way. He left. We can see yoko looking  to the camera announcing the "message to Paul". It is really creepy the way she says it. The dark shadow, not really black, is not physical thought. I sensed that. My friend Rafa also felt it.

I think what you said was quite profound, Virginia. I can't argue with that at all!

YouTube stinks ever since they got rid of all of their it looks like I'll have to subscribe to Spotify or something soon so I can have their catalogue on-demand. (I don't know how to get my CDs back onto my phone's iPod. They got removed a few years ago. Sigh.) Yes, if the rumors are true, they shall be streaming later this week.

If you like random Beatles thoughts, please check this out:

Thanks for the Link BeatleNut9! I Enjoyed them!! :-)

I visited the site and appreciated the comments very much. I am following it now. 

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