Do you love to listen to other music as well? Here you can talk about other music that you listen to!

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Eric Burdon of The Animals 

He has the voice & the looks I'd never suspect to ever fall for!

His whole attitude & demeanor is HOTNESS!


♥ Benjamin Orr of The Cars ♥

The only outpouring sexy blond bass player musician I'd ever go out with ;-)

His voice is so sexy. I wish he'd take me out on a drive in his car.

This wasn't supposed to be a husband thread, and we're not even talking about music.

We're talking about our lovers LMAO *goes to change the topic* Hahaha!



I'm ashamed to say I just realized this today, but "" ended back in December. Sigh. It was a great place for music nuts!

There is also   Instead of playing only music files, you can play YouTube videos. 

NICE! I need to sign up for that ASAP! I signed up for a really neat music social networking site a month or two ago & now I can't even remember what it was called! Sigh. It's been bothering me, lol.

Cool! I wonder what it's called. Hopefully you will stumble upon it again. Please please please join us over at We post Beatley related stuff there, so it is like an extension of BAR. If you find the time, we'd love to have you there also!

That sounds Cool BeatleGirl!! :-) "There is also   Instead of playing only music files, you can play YouTube videos. "

BeatleNut9, Yes! Join us over at Retro Sugar!! We'd love to have you there!!  :-)

LOL BeatleNut, I've also signed up for so many Internet sites that I don't even remember how to log-in to most of them. I forget what my username/password is, and I even forget the names of the sites sometimes too! Haha!

You really should stop by our other site called Retro Sugar sometime. :-)

I can't get to work. I tried to sign up…not sure if it worked. Hmm.

After the Beatles . . . it's the Beach Boys of course.




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