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Okay...the free version of Spotify forces you to only listen to music of shuffle, which isn't bad at all. However, they have a holiday offer right now where you get 3 months for only $0.99! They even advertise that you can cancel the "premium version" of their service before the 3 months so that you never have to pay $10/month. JUMP ON IT! :-)

That's So Cool BeatleNut9!!
Thanks for sharing this Tip about Spotify!!
Merry Crimble My Friend!! :-)

You're very welcome & a Merry Goo Year!

Thanks again! And a Merry Goo Year to You! :-)

I've also added streaming music to my site. Check it out:

Now that I have a paid account with Spotify (and you don't have to pay, but I do it to avoid having to shuffle everything as well as commercials) I rarely listen to anything else. (I'm listening to Beatles-A-Rama right now, which is what inspired this post. I've missed it because I've been a faithful listener since around 2002.) I also miss Pandora, 8tracks, and more. What do you use the most?

Also, for those of you who are curious, the Android app for B-A-R is coming out soon. I know us Apple lovers have had the app for a couple of years now. However, in the meantime, Androids do have an app called "Beatles Radio" and B-A-R is one of multiple options! <3 

At the end of the day, though, I can't ask for more than the entire Beatles catalog and all of the solo careers on Spotify without any required shuffling or commercials for $10/month. What do you all use the most?

I wasn't even aware "Beatles-A-Rama" will still around! Now that there's an official Beatles radio station on Sirius XM, that's what I listen to the most. I also have Spotify Premium too. Now we can easily listen to the lads... anytime at all, eight days a week! :-)

COOL that you can easily listen to the lads... anytime at all, eight days a week!!! :-)

Anytime At All, Eight Days A Week!!! Love That!! :-)

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