And I will love her for life
And I will never let a day go by
without remembering the reasons why
she makes me certain
that I can fly

And so I do,
without a care
I know that someday soon the sun is gonna shine
And she'll be there
This love of mine
My Valentine

This is the Nancy McCartney thread! Post pictures of Nancy that you like, and whatever else you may like about Paul's new wife! Please be nice!



"Meet Nancy, Paul McCartney's third wife

"How Trucker-Girl Nancy Shevell Became Lady McCartney"

"Paul McCartney's personal relationship with Nancy Shevell"




Nancy Shevell on Beatles Girls & Wives Group 1

Nancy Shevell on Beatles Girls & Wives Group 2

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Love the Pics!!! Thanks BeatleGirl!!! :-)

I love everything about her personally, but she really needs to gain some serious weight…that's just gross!


I agree! Eww, that's scary skinny. Sorry but I still don't like her much... I guess I'm just overprotective of Paul LOL after what happened with Heather, I don't really trust anyone. I like that light blue jacket she's wearing though!

I Like Her!! And it seems she Really is Good for Paul!! But YES, I Agree she Certainly needs to gain some serious weight!!! Scary!!!

It's not any of my business what she eats, but as far as I know Paul convinced her into being a vegetarian, and usually veggie-eaters eat a low-fat diet. She seems to be a naturally slim person, so even if she ate more, she'd still look skinny, just as conversely when fat people don't eat a lot, they will still gain weight. Plus, judging from the pictures Paul and her are always active, and on the go! More active than I had ever been in 2014! I wish to have walks and bicycle rides with Paul!

Some good points there, BeatleGirl. She seems naturally slim, exercises often with Paul, and is a vegetarian as well, thanks to Paul. I still agree that she looks too thin through, but I guess that's not really much of our business. Hopefully she's not looking that way due to cancer or something that could leave Paul behind as a widow. You like her T-shirt and I like her coat. I may not love her, but one thing's for sure: she's got some good fashion sense! lol

You're Right BeatleGirl!!! Very Good Points you made!!! She seems to be a naturally slim person, it's just in her genes! The exercising and being a vegetarian, as well!

Sadie! re: "Hopefully she's not looking that way due to cancer or something that could leave Paul behind as a widow."

I Sure Hope that's not the case!!! :-((( I Think what BeatleGirl said rings true about her looking that way! :-)

How could I have missed this one? :o

This is Paul finding out that he's still got it!

Has ANYONE heard Nancy's voice before? I'm still waiting.

Maybe it's rare we hear her talk because Paul's lips caught hers!

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