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That "balls" comment came out sounding the wrong way, but I forgive Paul, because (I hate to say this) he seems to be losing it a bit lately, indeed. I'd love to read that magazine! As well as the new Rolling Stone magazine with Ringo on the cover. Whom (and I hate to say this too) also seems to be going a bit senile lately. Have you heard his recent statements about One Direction? Read my latest comment over in the Official Ringo Starr thread for more details! (If you dare! LOL!)

And it's good to see Virginia Abreu De Paula back here again!

I noticed she commented on a YouTube video about being a Rick Nelson fan, as is Mike Pell, and of course me! You all should join our other site called RetroSugar! :-)

Sadie! Well, they did a lot of drugs back in the day. It's catching up to them! LOL!! ;-) Yes, they both seem to be losing it a bit lately. But, it just could be some things that they're into these days. I Hope that's all it is! LOL! Yeah, I'd like to read those Two magazines too!

Would be Nice if Virginia and Mike checked out Retro Sugar!! :-)

Paul McCartney announced that he was leaving The Beatles on this day in 1970. If he had made the same announcement today, this is how it would go down on Twitter.

I almost thought that was a real tweet at first! (The first one from Paul) But when I got to the hashtags, I knew it had to be a joke. ;-)

I Love This!!! It looks like something they would Really Say!! LOL!

Paul McCartney plays Beatles song live for the first time ever!

He performed 'Another Girl' at the Nippon Budokan in Japan

[For full playlist, read the NME news article here.]

Here is footage I found on YouTube:

WOW!!! Amazing!! The First time Ever!! I Really Enjoyed the Video and the Article!! And What a Set List!! GREAT!!!

I also enjoyed the Video: Paul McCartney Reveals Beatles High Jinks In NME Awards Speech!!

Thanks So Much for Posting this BeatleGirl!!! Have a FAB Day!!  :-)

Incredible!!! Saw that news on the front page of Yahoo yesterday. Love it when Paul breaks out the obscurities!

Sadie! I thought it was Incredible too!!! :-)

Paul debuts yet another song he's never performed live before!

This one shocked me even more than "Another Girl". I remember when I went to see him live once "Temporary Secretary" played over the speakers before he came out onstage and somebody behind me joked "Wouldn't it be funny if he opened with that?" I laughed because I never thought he'd ever try playing that one... until now! :-O

More Paul news... He has a new home (<--- link)

with a hefty price tag of $15.5 million!

Wow, he sure is living the luxurious life of a "Sir"! :-O

Sadie! WOW!! Thanks for posting this! I agree, I would never think he would try to play "Temporary Secretary" Live too! But, he Did! :-) I found this:

Last night Paul McCartney played ‘Temporary Secretary’ live for the first time at The O2 in London. The kooky, seemingly krautrock-inspired track is taken from his synth-driven 1980 album McCartney II, and though it flopped when it was released as a single, the accidental proto-techno tune has become a cult favorite.

McCartney has been digging out several rarely heard oldies for this tour, including the live debut of the Beatles’ ‘Another Girl’, and last night Dave Grohl also joined McCartney on stage for ‘I Saw Her Standing There’.

That was COOL when you went to see him Live "Temporary Secretary" was playing over the speakers before he came out on stage!! LOL at what that person said behind you!! ;-)

And WOW!!! That Duplex Penthouse in NYC is Unreal!!! Thanks for the Link! And the Picture! He Sure Is living the luxurious life of a "Sir"!!  :-)

Thanks for posting these!!  :-)

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