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WOW!! Thanks for posting this Sadie!! A lot of Big Names joining Paul for the Debut Album!! And that's Cool about Christopher Lee! Would be Very Interesting to hear the cover songs from their idols and contemporaries mentioned here, along with the three original songs!! So COOL!!! Look Forward to This!! Here is a Link I found more about the Drinking Club that the Band's Name pays tribute to:


And Thanks So Much for posting the Video of the Amazing performance at Lollapalooza!!! I watched it on Youtube. A Lot of Songs and the guy who posted this did a fine job filming it!! I was also impressed by how they were able to tackle all those songs to perfection!!! GREAT!!!! :-)

Yeah that guy who recorded Paul's performance at Lollapalooza used a Canon HF-G10 camcorder. I watched the whole 2 hour show too! Thanks for posting that stuff about "The Hollywood Vampires"! Interesting! :-)

Must be an Expensive Camcorder!!! That was a GREAT Show!!! :-) You're Welcome for posting the stuff  about "The Hollywood Vampires"!!! :-)

Sadie, I can't stay online any longer now. The maintenance guy just showed up here. We have a leak in the pipe behind our toilet!! LOL!  :-( Have a FAB Weekend My Friend!! :-)

Paul during the photoshoot for 'Ebony and Ivory'.

'Tug of War' and 'Pipes of Peace' will be reissued this October.

Photo by Linda McCartney

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT #WarAndPeace 

WOW!! What a GREAT Picture of Paul!!
Thanks for posting this Annalina!!

And So COOL that 'Tug of War' and 'Pipes of Peace' will be reissued this October!!

Thanks for letting us know!! :-)

Umm, what's happening here? "Backstage security"??? LMAO!

Found on: http://www.meetthebeatlesforreal.com/2015/08/backstage-security.html

 I Wonder??  LMAO!!!!! ;-)

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