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I thought this was really cool - these two hardcore Ringo fangirls want to meet him at the Greek theater in L.A. for the July 19th show!


Watch & read here:

The meeting!

All I can say is "Awwww!" :)

I Hope the two Ringo fangirls went and got to meet Ringo!! :-)

King Tobias was so cute and very talented!

I'm So Glad his opportunity of a lifetime to meet Ringo came True!! :-)

Thanks for posting the Video of King Tobias meeting Ringo!!! :-D

I Agree with the comment you left under the video! So Cool!!  :-)

And I visited your new Vlogs. Loved Them!!! :-D

Ringo Starr’s 10 Greatest Songs After The Beatles

What do you think?! Accurate enough? :D

I agree but I'd probably pick "Photograph" as #1 and "It Don't Come Easy" as #2

I want to start a Kickstarter fundraiser to help me see Ringo on October 4  :'-(  

I already feel bad enough that I missed Paul in July :,-(

Thanks for the Link BeatleGirl! :-)

I would pick these 3 as my favorites ;-)
1. “It Don’t Come Easy”
2. “Photograph”
3. “Back Off Boogaloo”

Sadie: You Should start a Kickstarter fundraiser to help you see Ringo on October 4th!! Good Luck if you do!!  

Even though it's impossible to choose, when people ask me my favorite Ringo song, I usually say "Instant Amnesia."

Cool Song BeatleNut9!!!  :-)


Snap it, post it, and share it with #PEACEROCKS.
For every tag, we'll donate $1 to 
The Ringo Starr Peace and Love Fund.

So easy to do :D

This is GREAT!!!! And So Easy to do!!! :-D

I Love how he always flashes the peace sign! It's become his trademark! I'm gonna take a selfie for this charity! That's alot easier (and less messy) than doing the bucket challenge video! LOL! :-D

I Love that Ringo always flashes the peace sign too!! :-)

Cool! Taking a selfie for this would be a lot easier than doing that bucket challenge video!! LOL!!  ;-)

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