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I Really liked Nirvana!! I Agree, Sadie!! And Thanks for posting the link!!
Interesting!! I'll have to check out Montage of Heck on HBO on May 4th. Sounds Great!
I knew Kurt Cobain loved The Beatles!

Very Raw, but very Cool!!

Ringo: With a Little Help Hardcover – June 1, 2015 by Michael Seth Starr

Description from Amazon: Ringo: With a Little Help, is the first in-depth biography of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who kept the beat for an entire generation and who remains a rock icon over fifty years since the Beatles took the world by storm. With a Little Help traces the entire arc of Ringos remarkable life and career, from his sickly childhood to his life as The Worlds Most Famous drummer to his triumphs, addictions, and emotional battles following the breakup of the Beatles as he comes to terms with his legacy. Born in 1940 as Richard Starkey in The Dingle, one of Liverpools most gritty, rough-and-tumble neighborhoods, he rose from a hardscrabble childhoodmarked by serious illnesses, long hospital stays, and little schoolingto emerge, against all odds, as a locally renowned drummer. Taking the stage name Ringo Starr, his big break with the Beatles rocketed him to the pinnacle of worldwide acclaim in a remarkably short time. He was the last member of the Beatles to join the group but also the most vulnerable, and his post-Beatles career was marked by chart-topping successes, a jet-setting life of excess and alcohol abuse, and, ultimately, his rebirth as one of rock's revered elder statesman.

WOW!! Sounds Like a GREAT Book, Annalina!!
Thanks for posting this!! :-)

It's funny how the book is written by Michael STARR, was he commissioned by Ringo STARR himself to write a biography on him? ;) Even Sadie speculated it might Ringo himself who wrote it! But then I figured, well that isn't much of a disguise naming himself Mr. Starr!

Regardless, I am excited to read this book when I get it someday! I visited my local Barnes & Noble. Here are a few snapshots I got!

 photo Ringo Biography 6.jpg  photo Ringo Biography 7.jpg
 photo Ringo Biography 5.jpg
 photo Ringo Biography 4.jpg
 photo Ringo Biography 3.jpg
 photo Ringo Biography 2.jpg
 photo Ringo Biography 1.jpg

Also a recap of Ringo & friends celebrating a moment of Peace & Love on his Birthday, July 7 2015!

LOL!!! I Found that Funny Too!!! ;-)

It Does look like a Must Read Book!!

I tried clicking on View All, but it said this is a private album. :-( Wish I could have seen the snapshots you took at Barnes & Noble!

I Loved the Ringo's 2015 Birthday Celebration Video!! And Enjoyed the Comments there too!!

Thanks Annalina!!  :-)

Oops! I embedded it again. Try again! Hope it works.

:) You're welcomme!

WOW!!!! Thanks So Much Annalina!!! Thanks for posting these Large Photos Here and the slideshow works on Photobucket when you click on these Pictures, as well!!  :-)

GREAT Snapshots you took!!! :-) Loved reading the Back Cover!! Impressive People with Great Endorsements!! Cool that it's "Backbeat Books"! And Loved the Snapshots that you took of some of the inside pages!! Enjoyed the Pictures and captions!!! GREAT!!!!

I also, Like Your Cool Hand-Painted Fingernail Covers!! :-)

Thanks for doing This!! I Really Appreciated seeing the Snapshots you took!!! :-)

Looks like a Fantastic Book!!!

Have a FAB Day!!  :-)

Hi Annalina and Bob,

Thanks for sharing some info (and pics) from my new book, Ringo: With a Little Help. I think Beatles fans -- and rock fans in general -- will really enjoy it.


Michael Starr

Hi Michael Starr,

It looks like a GREAT Book!!! A Must Have!!

Welcome to the Site!!  :-)

BeatleBob said:

Hi Michael Starr,

It looks like a GREAT Book!!! A Must Have!!

Welcome to the Site!!  :-)

Thank you. I appreciate the nice words. I hope you enjoy the book.

Rock On,


You're Very Welcome! And Thank You, I look forward to reading the book!

Straight outta Peace and Love!

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