Here's an interesting bit to why Julian, in all these years, still hasn't had any children.

"No, I’m not ready. I want to know who I am first."

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That's sad...because he'd probably do a better job than poor John was able to do in the middle of Beatlemania!

I remember Beatle Nut once said she would "volunteer" to help Julian or Sean out with producing a Lennon offspring. LOL.

He had a lousy father, made him not want his own kid

I agree BeatleNut9 and JP Walrus! SAD! 

LOL LOL Sadie! ;-)

Sadie....How Are You? I Hope you are feeling Better!! 

Merry Crimble ALL! :-))

Julian has no kids cuz he hasn't met me yet. JK JK. xD

EXACTLY, BeatleGirl! We could change that really quick, hmm? ;-)

Apparently so! :-)) LOL

 I also think that about James, but I don't know. Either he probably is a playboy or he still hasn't found the right one!

James is just one weird mofo.  Of course he is single.

I think we can all relate to that. LOL^

Here is a list of a few women that Julian dated!

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