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Haha! I just love this sound.


This is a video of someone playing a clavioline


Here's some reverse stuff I made out of the songs, lol



That's too cool! Clavioline...not sure I've even heard of it before.

Neither had I! I love the instrument, even though it all comes down to a weird-sounding synth-piano. :)

This is my newly learnt Beatle Fact...

John Lennon has five half-siblings; one sister born to his mother out of wedlock and adopted by a Norwegian couple, two sisters who are the product of his mother Julia's second marriage, and two brothers who were born to his father Alfred Lennon during his second marriage. 
John knew his sisters Julia and Jacqui very well. Julia and Jacqueline Baird were born in 1947 and 1949 respectively, and had a good relationship with their brother for much of his life. Julia Baird published a book on her childhood with John in 2007. He never met his sister Victoria, only met his brother David once, and Robin not at all. 

1. John Winston Lennon - Born to Alfred Lennon & Julia Stanley Lennon (b.1940 d.1980) 
2. Ingrid Maria Pedersen (aka Victoria Elizabeth) - Born to Taffy Williams & Julia Stanley Lennon; adopted by a Norwegian family (b.1945) (unconfirmed) 
3. Julia Dykins Baird - Born to John Dykins & Julia Stanley Dykins (b.1947) 
4. Jacqueline Dykins - Born to John Dykins & Julia Stanley Dykins (b.1949) 
5. David Henry Lennon - Born to Alfred Lennon & Pauline Jones Lennon (b.1969) 
6. Robin Francis Lennon - Born to Alfred Lennon & Pauline Jones Lennon (b.1973)

I always felt bad that Victoria had a name as awesome as Victoria...and it ended up being Ingrid. It's a shame, in my opinion, and I wish she hadn't been separated...but she had to be.

I LOVED reading Julia's book and learned a lot about the girls, but it's nice to see information on the brothers! Thanks!

PS: I've learned a lot of personal details about Brian by reading "The Brian Epstein Story" by Deborah Geller! I highly recommend it to you all! I always loved him, but this book really is amazing.

Here is a thread on the Lennon siblings. With pictures & info!


I've always wanted to read a book on Brian (or at least watch a movie).

Oh man, I probably had that book years ago. I must have sold it. :(

Why would you sell it? :[

Almost all of my Beatles stuff have been lost or sold :( due to economic (money & moving) reasons.

I know they were just stuff, but I just hold Beatley things close to heart. I kind of regret it, but all things must pass, I guess.

Yeah...I guess if you sold a lot, it would add up. What a shame...I know that's the last thing any of us would want to sell!
At least you still have them in your heart. You can't sell that, only the stuff :[

That's true! :( The Beatles will always be and forever be in my heart.

I'm listening to "Baby, You're A Rich Man" again and I just can't get it thru my head that... a clavioline is that weird-sounding instrument that sounds so Indian-sounding! haha it sounds like it's a horn-y instrument instead of a keyboard that looks like it was made for 5-yr olds! What are you going to play?

I recently learned that Paul wrote "Hey Jude" in his car on his way to see Julian.


'Hey Jude' was written by Paul in his car. Paul was on his way to visit Julian, John Lennon's son, who was disturbed by his parents' divorce. Paul wrote this song to cheer him up. -source

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