Which Beatles song is playing for you now?

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I agree! "I'll Be Back" is one of my favorite songs too! And yes, I can't believe how underrated that song is, along with how underrated many songs are from the entire AHDN Album! I think so many of them are GREAT! 

Yesss! I think AHDN and HELP are extremely underrated albums... Right now I'm listening to MyBeatlesRadio on this site and rocking out to "I Saw Her Standing There". :0)

Tomorrow Never Knows!  Listen to the remastered stereo version, with headphones on...ITS FANTASTIC

George Harrison - Love Comes To Everyone :)

#9 Dream... I'm about to go get my #9 dream right now... :-)

Every Little Thing :]

Free As A Bird...

Today is a 1963 kind of day. I was hoping my iPod would play "Ask Me Why" today in the car, but the closest thing it gave me was "Misery!" :]

I'm listening to the Beatle music in my head, and the song for today is Rain!

Hey Jude... the one song that made me so emotional for 6 mins straight with non-stop crying! I don't cry much anymore as I used to, because listening to Beatles music makes me happy! :D

I cannot stop listening to "It's Only Love" today. As many millions of times that I've heard it all of my life, I cannot stop getting over how phenomenal John's voice was...& this song is one of the best to showcase it. I'm not even able to sit still listening to it. I'm full of dreamy sighs and dropping jaws, LOL!

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