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"Dear Boy"...


Dear boyyyyyyyy. Good one :)



My Ever Present Past!

LOL Perry. I love that song Ever Present Past!! And I'm currently listening to 1985 because it's EPIC GR8!



"Let Me Roll It"!

"1985" is the absolute best song live gaaaahhh!!!

I have yet to see Paul perform Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five live!


I'm listening to Paul's song Tomorrow.No, not tomorrow tomorrow, I mean today, which will be yesterday tomorrow! (scratches head)

I'm listening to the "Off The Ground" album right now. It's been a while since I've listened to it start-to-finish, thanks to the CD player in the car going kaputt. I usually just cling to Beatles-A-Rama now...

WOAH! I came on here to say that I'm listening to "Off The Ground" right now, but it looks as though the last post here was that I was listening to "Off The Ground." WEIRD.

I think it was yesterday that I did "Flowers In The Dirt." :-)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAULIE! I'm listening to "Tripping The Live Fantastic."

& now "Press To Play!"

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