The owners of a Scots pub are facing legal action from Yoko Ono over the use of her late husband John Lennon’s name and image.

Lennons, in Dundee, was set up seven years ago to show “appreciation” for the former Beatle.

The pub has recently received a letter from Ms Ono’s lawyers accusing it of infringing copyright.

Lease holder Michael Craig has been ordered to remove all pictures, signs and memorabilia in 14 days.

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So, this is what Yoko does in her spare time?


I'm sorry to hear this, but Woman! why, oh why are you bothering a Lennon fan who put all his money, time, and energy onto running a John Lennon-inspired place. Is this for real?


Please, Yoko--if you're going to close down Lennon-inspired places because of copyright infringement, please open one yourself in New York! By the way, I was almost going to make a list of Beatles-inspired restaurants and places, but since there aren't a lot around...


There is one called "Oh Yoko!" and it is located in New Jersey. It has Japanese cuisine and I'm sure the only line it crosses is that the restaurant is inspired by the song Oh Yoko! and it also features the song on its main website... It's cute and all! I wonder if Yoko herself would let this restaurant change its name!


I know there is the copyright law, but can it just be cool to let some things slide once in a while? :/ If I were rich enough, I would not need to sue anyone who has less than me.

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I Totally Agree! This was so lame! IS this what Yoko does in her spare time these days? :-((
I want to sue Yoko for her singing and needing to have a dozen songs of hers on Lennon's solo albums.

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