A personal perspective on Sir Paul McCartney

When one looks back at the Life of Paul one sees more than likely the greatest composer to ever walk the Earth. Yes its a bold statement but, its also a proven fact. His strongest work comes from the 60's and 70's era when his music was mostly driven about the good and positive things in Life. His music helped mold many adolescent human minds into maybe seeing a more positive outlook on life, love, and compassion. So much unlike the caged animal sounds of Rapp songs or the current redundant output from Nashville. Yes Paul wrote those songs back when the notes were ripe for the picking. It was a time when if you didn't find and use those pretty notes and chord progressions, someone else might.  

Paul was quick and very good. and from I understand had written many of his earliest tunes as a teen. Both Paul and Lennon would have been huge stars, even if they had never met and joined forces.They could have ended up having competing bands and  both bands surely would have become huge superstars, with tremendous musical output. Ole George Martin has said their songwriting was like a competition, i believe the competition would have even been more fierce had they been in competing Liverpool acts..

( The Legacy ) - History has chosen very few composers to the pedestals of musical immorality. The most famous till now being Beethoven. Their music may be different but the musical reflectives and massive genius behind their work will survive until their is nothing else in this solar system surviving. I cant even think of another composers body of work being more powerful and dimensional as Paul's. I myself am not a man with a main focus of any type or form of music. I love music that has melody. and have thousands of favorite songs.I can go from listening to the Mills Brothers, Cyndi lauper, Merle Haggard, Satchmo, Dylan, The Beatles,  Lady Antebellum and so on....So I am not biased by music,  most people have their favorites, but my favorites have me, and their endless..

( The Weight ) - What is must be like to be the most famous man on Earth. Im sure it has its perks but i am also sure there are times when you would want to just be left alone. As anyone knows, it sounds like it might be cool to be famous and rich. In Pauls 50 plus years of being super-famous it is hard to find or even hear anything negative about Paul. You gotta hand it to the boy, he's a extremely intelligent and patient man. I would love to spend a day with Paul and see what its like to be in the middle of that hurricane, but wouldn't all his fans.  lol

( In The End ) - When all is said and done were left with this amazing soundtrack to life and one of the best things about it is that its here forever. Paul and Johns works can always be counted on to reflect and categorize a point in ones life where their, "at that moment" in time has them. I on behalf of the billions of Sir Paul McCartney fans thank you for doing what ya did... .We Love you back.

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I really enjoyed reading this! The points you made really hold Truth! A wonderful tribute to Paul! Your personal perspective on Sir Paul was Right On! I Loved (In The End)!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! :-)

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