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Let's keep a diary log of things we said or did today!

A Day in the Life of (your name) & here are some things you can talk about!

  • The First Things That Popped In My Head This Morning...
  • The Best Song That Describes Today...
  • The Funniest Thing That Happened...
  • My Favorite Moment Today...
  • The Best Quote Today...
  • I Will Never Forget Today Because...

It can be Beatley or non Beatley!

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beatlegirl: Peter & Gordon 

JP:  a poor man's version of Simon & Garfunkel

sadie: so Chad & Jeremy are an even poorer version

JP: hahahhah


beatlegirl: a summer song and yesterdays gone

JP: 2 hit wonders

sadie: like The Cyrkle

beatlegirl: haha


* I was the one who suggested Ann get a sex change operation. Don't ask! LOL!!!


* JP was the one talking about Beatle butt, and I can't say who's it was... *cough* nevermind. 




* I think I look :under the influence: in every picture I take of myself.


* Still having no life other than The Beatles but am so used to living with the obsession that I don't even think of myself as obsessed. Anything that is non Beatle related is what I consider to be "normal".


* Feeling super happy because of BA and DJ!!!!!!!!


* And feeling better today because I found Internet access again! :D 

LMAO! I love all the chat logs you're keeping. They're absolutely hilarious! :-D

I always save our infamous conversations in the chatroom so I can read them later and laugh. hahaha

More Randomness


* Zilch by The Monkees

Wtf. JP says it's his favorite song ever.



* Sixties Music Parties in the chatroom = F YEAH!

Omg, I enjoyed how we went from listening to ABBA to listening to The Monkees, The Troggs, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Turtles (LOL!), The Mamas and the Papas, the NEW Mamas and the Papas! and had an awesome Sixties party in the chatroom! Plus, JP was typing in teenspeak =) xD ><> lulz!

A day in the life of Ann

* Yay I'm glad my turtle's behaving. Why is he staring at me like that? o.o

* Take A Chance On Me ...


* My favorite moment was finding out that Sadie had internet access again. Yay!
* JP took a picture of himself with Instagram using a filter, and I asked "How'd you become more yellower than me?!" There's lots more funny things that happened, but I just can't remember.. :(

* I will never forget today because  I got a phone that has a keyboard slidey thing. LOL!



* Still understanding everything JP says eventhough he makes tons of typos and talks like an annoying preppy teenage girl

lyke omfg psychadleic muzik roolz.


* We said the lead singer from The Turtles kind of looked like Ann's pet turtle LOL


* We said the lead singer from The Troggs looked like a caveman and a black gurl LMAO


* I thought Ann was giving me a fake phone number but it was her real one


* "You don't even need that picture app to age Paul"


* ABBA's suggestive winks


* DJ ghetto break dancing


* Everything was fun until the  *new* Mamas & Papas ruined the party. haha.


* Our conversations about stupid music. JP actually likes alot of it. hahaha.


* We should have a SADIE Hawkins Dance in the chatroom ;-)

beatlegirl: don't say nothin' bad about my baby (singing the Cookies song)

sadie: ok cookie

LOL I remember that! The Cookies sing "Chains".  :D

Sadie: When Paul says "Ringo, I've done an abstract..." he acts retarded


BeatleGirl: that's my retarded boyfriend

Sadie: lol!

Me in the chatroom: I'm changing my Beatles nickname now because Sexy Sadie sounds disturbing. Like Sexy Sadism. hahaha.

*Today is Paul's birthday!


*I couldn't decide what Paul album to listen to today to and from work. (I chose Flaming Pie.)

*Getting home from work, hahaha <3

*The lyrics to "Calico Skies"

*It was so LONG, but Paul got me through it.

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