I've created another Beatles social networking site.  The software was included in my web host.  It works like this Ning site, but not quite as fancy.  Take a look.  You can access it from my home page.


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Hi Anthony,

GREAT!! I just checked out your Social Network through your site. I just wanted to let you know the Social Network takes a good while to load.
I have a question. Since I don't use Facebook, is there another way to join your social networking site?

As soon as I have a little more time, I'll join!! Thanks for posting this!! :-)

Yes, I know it's taking a while to load.  I'll check out the joining process.  Still learning how to do this.



Hi Bob,

it's gives you a choice of logging in with Facebook, or creating an account.  Should be no trouble.

I tried to join it with my Facebook account but it said error so I just signed up with my e-mail address. No problem! Cool new social network! See you guys over there! :-)

Hi Anthony,
Thanks so much for letting me know!! :-)

Thanks Sadie!! I see you signed up with your e-mail address!  

See you guys over there soon!! :-)

Hi Guys,

I think I found the slow loading problem.  It seems to be all those Facebook plugins I added.  Going to remove them now and see. My regular "Beatles oN Film" site is on the same server and is running fine.  Will let you know soon.

I've just removed the plugins and it seems to have made quite a difference.


Hi Anthony,

Thanks for doing that!! It Did make Quite a difference!! It's running Fine! And I just joined with no problem at all!! :-) Will see you there soon!
Have a Great Day!

Bob  :-)

Thanks Bob

You're Welcome Anthony!! I Enjoyed being there Today and chatting with you! Have A Great Day!  :-)

You too BOB

Hi All,

I had to Redo My "Beatles On Film Social Network".  I decided to reinstall everything because it was running so slow.  You can sign up again if you like.  Sorry for the trouble.



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