So here's a start up to list all the Beatles references we've heard (or seen) in movies, songs, TV shows, etc.!

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I watched "The Five Year Engagement" today, and boy, did it make me cry (like most romantic comedies do to me)... And during the parents-son talk, ... the mother asked him, "Why are you with a 23 yr old airhead? She doesn't even know who the fu%king Beatles are!" LMAO, that got me kind of offended, because some might look at me and think exactly the same thing about me. xD

The mains characters are Tom & Violet. Together, they make Toilet...  I mean tiolet*

Lol! I didnt even know this page was here! I love it! Antways here are a few I noticed in Dinner With Schmucks there were a lot but O havent seen that movie in months so Im onlygoing to say the ones I remember. Okay well first off in the very beginning when the schmuck is making his litte rat things they play Fool On The Hill as the beggininng song. Then after Tim hits Barry with his car the following conversation takes place
Barry:In the words of John Lennon You may say In a dreamer, but I'm not.
Tim: The only one.
Barry: The only what?
Tim: Thats the lyric, You may say Im a dreamer but im not the only one.
Barry: I dont think so.
Another one I think if in not mistaken is Barry makes a Beatle Mice too, to go with his other mice ppl.

I remember this thread from MBS! There is SO many Beatles references in the media I've noticed, the beginning of the movie "Dirty Dancing" briefly mentions "It was 1963, before The Beatles came..." lol. I'll think of more later... :D

Haha, that's cool, Sadie! I will watch Dirty Dancing again sometime soon. :)

I'm still obsessed with Eric Carmen's "Hungry Eyes" and have it on repeat. LOL!

I'm listening to some Bad Company right now, and in Shooting Star, the lyrics say...

Johnny was a schoolboy when he heard his first Beatles song. Love Me Do, I think it was from there, it didn't take him long...

Also they have songs like Anna and Don't Let Me Down. And No, they're not the Beatles ones. LOL!

Now I'm listening to Eddie Money and the lyrics say,


Mama's always told you, girl
That (Eddie) money can't buy you love

On that note, I just watched the 80s teen movie Can't Buy Me Love which is a direct reference to the song itself. What a blast! ;-)

I love that movie, Ann! :D

Beatle ♥ Girl Loves You! ♥♥♥ said:

On that note, I just watched the 80s teen movie Can't Buy Me Love which is a direct reference to the song itself. What a blast! ;-)

Me too! I'm a fanatic of 80s teen movies & 80s films in general!

Ann, remember in the chatroom we were discussing how many different songs exist with the same titles! haha, I've heard that Bad Company song before but never noticed that brief Beatles reference in the lyrics! Cool!! I have a playlist of "songs that mention The Beatles" on my MP3 player and Shooting Star is def going on it next! :D

The Babys' White Lightning mention Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds :)

Cool, I gotta add that one to my "to download" list :)

I'm watching The Magic of Belle Island (2012) movie, and the dog's name is... Ringo!

I've been meaning to add more references that I picked up from movies, songs, etc.

So here's one... Modern English says "It's Getting Better All The Time" in their song I Melt With You. I can't listen to that song without noticing that it's a Beatles song lyric!

And thanks to Alyssabeth telling me about the many Beatles references in Mr. Popper's Penguins, which is a really funny movie, I finally watched it and caught the references!

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