Hi Beatle fans


Anyone else get an urgent email from Bruno about something he/she can't post on here?


Sorry Bruno - anything you want to say or ask, you can do here.  These are good people.


Glad to be pals with you Bruno, let's be Beatle-friends here




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Hey SDR! Good to see you on this site again! How have you been?

Beware of this 'Bruno Serra' though. 

Member Virginia Abreu de Paula got that same message and it's just a scam.

I like The Beach Boys too!

Have a fab day! :-)

I Think Annalina Lennon McCartney got Rid of that 'Bruno Serra'.

It seems that only You 'SDR' and 'Virginia Abreu de Paula' got that urgent email from Bruno. I Hope 'Bruno' is Gone!

"Glad to be pals with you Bruno, let's be Beatle-friends here."

LOL!!  ;-)

Like Sadie, I like the Beach Boys too! :-)

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