Soooooo... I just learned this and I thought it was pretty cool so I'm going to share. So there's this guy and he claims he went to an alternate universe in which The Beatles never broke up and he has a tape with all their songs and said that they called it 'Everyday Chemistry'. I checked the songs out syself and you can clearly tell it is just a mash up of the Beatles' solo music, but it is actually quite good. I reckon you hear for yourself haha. I think the alternate universe thing is a cool story though, although I'm not too sure I believe it.

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Welcome Back Alyssabeth!!! :-) Great to see you here!! Hope you stop by more often!!

Re:"you can clearly tell it is just a mash up of the Beatles' solo music"

LOL! ;-) But, it sounded quite good you say. Cool story though!!! Thanks for sharing!

Have a FAB Day!  :-)

What Alyssabeth? You're not sure if you believe in paralell universes? But you used to be the biggest conspiracy theorist in the chatroom! LOL. Welcome back and thanks for sharing! P.S. Have you heard from BeatleGirl lately on Google Hangouts? 

It's not that I don't believe in parallel universeuniverses more over the fact that they sound exactly like John, George, Paul, and Ringo's solo work. Verbatim. There are no real differences in the solo music other than that it's all mashed together.
Hmm! Where can we hear this?

Yeah! I'd be interested in hearing it too! I always thought "Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" kind of sound like across between all their solo work. I've came across some cool "mash-ups" and "mix-ups" on YouTube using Beatles songs. I've tried experimenting a bit with audio software programs on the computer but came nowhere near creating something as cool sounding as the remixes on The Beatles "LOVE" CD!

I just went to Google and typed in 'The Beatles Everyday Chemistry' and it brought up like the album with the songs and you can click on a song title and it will link you to the song on YouTube. Oh and I meant to say this on my last comment Sadie, but forgot. I haven't heard from BeatleGirl either.

Sounds interesting Sadie what you tried to do! It takes a lot of practice experimenting to come up with something as cool sounding as the remixes on The Beatles "LOVE" CD!!!

Thanks Alyssabeth!! Will have to try to Google that!! :-)

Yeah, I messed around and ended up making commercials for our Beatle radio station (it no longer exists). I remember using a bit of Paul's song "Take It Away" to say "...switches on his radio..." I don't like how childish my voice sounded though. LOL!

Wow, whoever made "Everyday Chemistry" must've spent hours in an audio software program! If they didn't get it from a parallel universe, that is. ;-)

I'm Sorry I missed hearing that!!! :-( Sounds Cool that you used a bit of Paul's song "Take It Away" to say "...switches on his radio..."!! :-) You didn't like how childish your voice sounded though? Now, I'm Really Sorry I Missed that!! LOL!!!  ;-)

I'm Sure whoever made that must have spent hours with a audio software program!! Unless, he got that from a parallel universe?? LOL!!  ;-)

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