• Do you think having a page for BAR on FB will get more members here? We're talking about updates & advertisement.
  • Do you Beatles fans appreciate having a separate social network rather than facebook to share Beatley stuff?
  • Does having Beatles Abbey Road around make it a unique and fun website for Beatles fans to use and enjoy?

UPDATE: We're now on Facebook!


Okay, well, we all know we've been sucked to Facebook at some point.


It makes me sad, though, because it makes me wonder if it means the end or the minimizing of the use of forums (and social networks such as this one). Plus, there are tumblrs, where people flock to instead of creating websites with articles with substance. Though we do still have news sites and almost all of them have the "like" button somewhere. And the comment section are integrated into FB as well.


On Facebook, you can get updates from practically any celebrity, musician, public figure there. And also, you can post anything you want on there because it's up to you what you want private and public.

On Facebook, you can create a few sentences, and get speedy updates, depending on how many "friends" you have there and you can upload as MUCH photos as you want of anything.


On a social status, if you have no Facebook, some people believe you to be an outsider, or someone that can't be trusted. Like really, who doesn't have a facebook, right? But is it just another "MySpace" phase?


I actually thought Google Plus would replace this whole Facebook phenomenon, but the numbers and the activity do not prove it to be so.


I can also post this on Facebook and would get immediate replies and numerous likes if I friend whored myself.


I am pretty sure the positives of using Facebook are much higher than using forums or websites.


One of the positives of joining a forum or creating your own website or blog is that you can keep it separate from your Facebook profile and you get to create a new you on your profile.


I oppose to using FB as much as other people because I consider myself a recluse. The whole social network thing drives me crazy to the point that I just don't want anything to do with it.


What does this post have to do with Beatles Abbey Road?


No, I'm not going to close it down. I thought of creating a facebook page for BAR so people can get updates, and thus making BAR a part of FB, it will increase the visibility of this website. Will it be "selling out"? I don't know. I always thought of having a facebook is the gateway of triggering that narcissistic parts of ourselves. Like I said, I'm not the person who focuses on the "self" -- or am I? but on the subject. Well, read the summary I just made to easily get what I'm saying. Bai now.

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Yes, I'm on it already! I will DM you on twitter :)

You're my hero!

Beatle ♥ Girl Loves You! ♥♥♥ said:

Yes, I'm on it already! I will DM you on twitter :)

I will always love TinyChat chatrooms because 1) I miss actual chatrooms & 2) I love watching YouTube along with everyone else in the room. However, I'd like to add that I'm now obsessed with Periscope. To enjoy broadcasts, all you need is a Twitter account, but in order to interact with the broadcast, you'll actually want to have Periscope. In the near future, I plan to start having Beatley discussions that way, though it could never replace TinyChat. In fact, I've thought about broadcasting my fun on TinyChat on Periscope, but that may be too much...sounds a bit like "Inception," lol.

Anyway, I've got 3 potential accounts that I would broadcast under for you Beatle Peedles: @SatOnACornflake / @MyRandomBeatles / @BeatleWriter. The first one is connected to my Beatles blog, the 2nd one is connected to my Tumblr about random Beatles thoughts, and the last one is about my writing project I'm trying to do after pondering it for 5+ years now. If you follow any of those Twitter accounts, it will alert you when I'm having a Periscope broadcast & you can join in from there! XO

PS: My TinyChat room is:

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