Here is a thread where we can casually say "hello" or "goodbye"


Let us know if you're going on vacation or if you're new here.

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This is such sad news because we all love you so darn much! Take care :-)
Aww, Thanks! I "love you to"!!! <3
This IS Very Sad News! "Get Back" As soon as you can Sadie! We will miss you!! We Love You Sadie!!

We'll miss you, Sadie! I hope you "get back" real soon!


Hopefully you get a job and find free or cheap internet!


On the bright side, I guess now, you can pretend that you really do live in the 60s without the internet or the other modern technology you despise!


(I'm also afraid I might also get disconnected, but I'm trying not to!)


Otherwise, if I get disconnected as well, we'll both be in the Sixties together o_o

Yes, to what you said Beatle Girl! And I Hope you Don't get disconnected too!! make me laugh! You're so cute. You've found the bright side to being disconnected...a more genuine retro experience! We love you and think of you offline all the time too :]
LOL You guys crack me up too!! :-)) Check out those videos Sadie and "Get Back" soon!! :-))



Hello hello! :-))


I'm offended by JP so I'm not coming here anymore but I'll still be on my other Beatlemania site.

Oh No! What happened Sadie?? :-((

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