Here is a thread where we can casually say "hello" or "goodbye"


Let us know if you're going on vacation or if you're new here.

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I agree with what BeatleGirl said!
Re"Just think of the special memories you had with him, and know you'll have them forever!"
I'm Glad to hear that you're slowly getting to a much better place!! It takes time my friend!!
Hang In There! You'll get there!

Thank you endlessly <3

Yes, hang in there, BeatleNut9! Even though I've never had a dog before, I can almost feel the pain of loss. I only have a turtle, and even though I've had him for awhile now (12 years) I still think of the day if I ever lose him/her. I am getting all teary-eyed for Ringo! He sounds like a lovable dog just by his name alone.

You're So Welcome BeatleNut9!!!

BeatleGirl: Losing any pet that you had for many years a dog, a cat, a turtle, any pet passing away is so devastating because they are part of your family, a part of You! You still think of the day if you ever lose your turtle the feeling hurts so much! I've lost dogs and cats. I surely Understand!! It sure is a devastating loss!!

Just thinking of the good times and special memories, you know you'll have those memories forever! Like any loss of a Loved one, it takes time!

I'm Glad that you're slowly getting to a better place, from your loss of Ringo!! It Will get Better BeatleNut9!!! You'll get there!!

Well, it's getting better all the time because it "can't get no worse!" Right? LOL

Right!!! Beatlenut9!! LOL! Great!  :-)

Still here...

Great, Hello Bill! :)

I'm Here, There, and Everywhere. :)

Hello Hello....  :-)

Even though I dont really talk to you Sadie, your great, and Ill miss ya. I think your gone already, but that is how I feel. I'm posting this also because of the purge email i got, and it said to post in this thread


I might actually come back to turntable incase anyone is interested

HEY-LA! It's been so long since I've been here, but I won't let that happen anymore. I just can't. I love this place WAY too much to stay away!

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