Hey my Beatley friends:
I couldn't get the movie to play alright on here, so I deleted it. :-(( Here is the Link if you want to watch it.  The Beatles "Full Live Performance" At Shea Stadium.  Enjoy!  :-D



Enjoy  :-D

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Sadie: It Sounds Great!!

BeatleNut9: I'm Sorry you won't have any Internet from the 12th till the 19th! That Stinks!! :-((

NowhereGirl13: It sounds like you can't make it there too!! :-((

I Really Don't think I'll be able to make it to the Party too!! :-(( That time of the day is very hard for me to be able to get on the computer!! I'll Try. But, I doubt I'll be there. :-((((

I Hope whoever attends will have a Great Time!!!

I know all of you are having a Great Time on TurnTable.fm!! :-)) Sorry I can't make it there!! I miss seeing you all on Here! I understand though!

Hope you all have a FAB Weekend!!

Aww sadly BeatleNut, Beatlebob, and Alyssabeth most likely won't be attending the Shea party :(

Just me & BeatleGirl and maybe JP Walrus then lol

Okay. How long will the party last?

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