Ever been wrong about which Beatle sings what song or what they were singing? Yeah, that happened to me, too! List down which lyrics you got wrong or which Beatle you thought was singing!

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I was listening to "Happiness is a Warm Gun" this morning, and I was laughing back at how I thought (when the first few times I heard it) that John was saying "She's not a girl for Mrs. Mitch" <--- Yeah, I don't know how that makes any sense!

The real lyrics were "She's not a girl who misses much" ahahhaa!

When I first heard "Mr. Moonlight" on the Beatles For Sale album, I always thought John said "This town won't light.." I was wondering what John meant by that. Then I read the lyrics. "Mr. Moonlight" LOL!

For Helter Skelter - I used to also think the person who shouted "I've Got Blisters On My Fingers" was John--It was Ringo! DUH!

For Revolution, I thought the scream was Paul...because watching a clip of it on the David Frost show, of course you'd think it was him. I was confused, but it was reconfirmed that on the recording, it was definitely John's screaming ;)

When I first heard "Mr. Moonlight" I thought they were singing "Mr. Moo-la" (like money) LMAO.

Hahaha! That's funny. :P

When John sings "do-do-do-dodo-doo, oh yeah" in "Happiness is a Warm Gun", I actually thought he was saying real lyrics!

and for "Baby, You're A Rich Man" I thought it was Naturally, Not Natural E, like something you're endowed with! Lmao.

In "Come Together" the line "Shoot me" is often misheard as "Shooby." It's understandable... & I wonder if it was intentional!

This is pretty absurd, but in "Good Day Sunshine," I misheard "burns my feet as they touch the ground" as a kid. I thought he was saying "birds might feed as they touch the ground," as if they would come down to the ground for a possible snack! LOL 

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